• [2018/06/22]
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    Unholy Host Balance Adjustments

    I like this. Curse is annoying but that hex was the hugest barrier to fighting her. Now it’s possible to take her on with bleeders and inverse-polarity fighters instead of praying you can last 20 seconds with your lead.
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    Characters Double prestige and/or transmute fix

    I agree on all counts, especially this
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    Characters Double prestige and/or transmute fix

    A cycle of elements would be extremely helpful. Predictable enough to know where you stand, but still requiring the footwork to pull it off.
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    OFFICIAL - 5.3.1 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Full Release - Now LIVE!

    I have been wondering for years what the heck that was. Omg. Thank you. One of the greatest mysteries in the world has finally been solved, I’m so happy and relieved.
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    Characters Double prestige and/or transmute fix

    Idk the greater community’s opinion on double’s prestige, but the few people I spoke to agreed with me: double’s prestige is unusable. Sorry this is gonna be long, but I believe in backing up my opinions. And yes, if any of you trawl the subreddit I’m FriNoggin, That Guy who makes overly long...
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    Characters This is why I said Windswept is incredibly broken. She needs a nerf as soon as possible.

    Losing the permanent precision on block I think is actually a surprisingly decent idea. Then she would function similar to risky ginger, in that you’re rewarded for making risky plays for a high reward, but with less ginger. my only counterpoint to her strength is that projectile fighters can...
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    OFFICIAL - 5.3.1 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Full Release - Now LIVE!

    I AM SO HERE FOR ARMED FORCES’ REWORK AAAAAAAAA Now to get a rework for ultraviolet that gives her deadeye
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    OFFICIAL: 5.3 Veiled Premiere Relic Updates

    Oh man and here I had stopped buying them because I didn’t want any leftover shards
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    Bug - Crash Did not receive a reward for daily entry

    same thing happened to me just now for today’s login
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2.1 Update Notes - Retake and XP Treats Adjustments

    Me, reading Dahlia’s bio after release: SHES HOW TALL!? me, reading patch notes: Oh, they made a mista- SHES HOW TALL!?!? also sad to see how *steep* the reroll skill cost is, but I get it.
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    it took you 37 fights to hit 6mil? Took me like, 12ish. I can’t quite remember, but I know the Medici fights take me 9 at best and i do remember thinking how it was taking longer than the Medici fights I’ll agree most of the teams were really low value, but they only just opened it up to higher...
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    OFFICIAL - 5.2 Update Notes - Black Dahlia's Debut!

    Okay okay okay, first impressions, and now after a little of playing the update: BLACK DAHLIA AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Now that that’s out of my system: 1- why are the element shot colors… unmatched? Like, lightning shot is for the air element, but the icon is purple? Similarly, railgun...
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    OFFICIAL: Black Dahlia Release Details & Relic Availability

    SHUP UP AND TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY I SAVED UP FOR THIS WHEN SHE WAS ANNOUNCED Also squatting on over 1k relics for 5.3 lmao. I stopped opening premieres, bronze fighter, and gold move relics the moment she was announced lmao LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO