• [2018/06/22]
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    Other Please make report username function (pic examples)

    I’ve seen more inappropriate or straight up offensive usernames in the past two weeks than I ever have, and I’ve seen an increase in usernames like these in the past year. If anything the more accessible you make the game the more these sorts of names appear (please note: I’m not saying to make...
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    OFFICIAL - 5.0.2 Update Notes - Umbrella's Release!

    I’m a fan of the change to Eliza’s prize fight name; that was always uncomfortable to see. Thank you! Slime seems concerningly strong considering how more than half the fighters gain buffs outside of fight modifiers. I’m holding judgement until I play around it but on paper it seems more like...
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    4.10.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    Hey Devs, just wanted to say a few things I forgot to put into my player survey: This update feels VERY GOOD. Grinding for diamond keys still kinda sucks, but I’m seeing that’s much more due to my recent decrease in play time (I’ve gone back to school so I don’t have anywhere enough free time...
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    Story Mode - Match Challenges Guide & Discussion

    I’m fairly certain I beat this node with beat box. Beat box can lay down a lot of damage with 4 specials and a BB3; it’s just a matter of rng when dealing with armed forces. Having a harlequin on the bench means even faster and harder specials. If you’re aiming for stars don’t fall into the trap...
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    Report offensive usernames?

    Unfortunately the names i find are always during prize fights, not chat
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    Report offensive usernames?

    Is there a place to report offensive usernames from the app? A number of times I’ve seen some names that really should get reported but haven’t found a forum for that.
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    Bug - Normal Rough copy haste bug

    iPhone 8S+, current iOS New patch On the holodeck. Opponent’s team was decrypted, snake bite, then rough copy. Mine was bloodbath, diva inspiration, vaporwave vixen. Match start, bloodbath v decrypted. After 5 seconds rough copy’s new SA kicked in, giving me slow and decrypted haste. After...
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    4.9.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    Did anyone explain why there was a shift in the event timer? I’ve found it to be a *massive* inconvenience.
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    4.9.2 Update Notes (Now Live!)

    I’m a fan of star-crossed getting a visual update; she’s one of my favorites. I’m very disappointed in not seeing an update to Cerebella’s diamonds are forever blockbuster. Apparently it’s been reported as bugged by many players (that it’s not applying its damage boost vs an airborne opponent)...
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    Bug - Normal Diamonds are forever bugged

    Sorry, I had a difficult time understanding what you wrote and thought you were arguing with me.
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    Bug - Normal Diamonds are forever bugged

    I understand what you said, you’re not understanding that while I didn’t take a video of it I tested the move versus all possible aerial states and NONE showed a higher damage value. I only took the one video because it’s very tedious to do. What would fix this is either fixing the damage text...