• [2018/06/22]
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  1. NamelesstheBeardless

    "Ageless Wonder" - Strategy & Discussion

    This is also another minor nitpick but combo-ing with Destruction Pillar I noticed was awkward... I believe the 4th hit of Annie's ground combo WILL have you whiff Destruction Pillar as the 5th attack Maybe chance precision to crit rate going up with another buff instead? Cause I'm seriously...
  2. NamelesstheBeardless

    "Ageless Wonder" - Strategy & Discussion

    So I actually got this variant and have almost already managed to level her up to a full lvl 50, and I can say safely, without a shadow of a doubt- yeah she kind of sucks I mean I definitely appreciate the immunity when I block for, like, resonant evil big bands but uhhh... that's it. The...
  3. NamelesstheBeardless

    "Ageless Wonder" - Strategy & Discussion

    Doesn't she have that one special move that's like "on critical hit take 10% health from opponent"? Seems to be an essential move for this variant
  4. NamelesstheBeardless

    Resolved my theonite disappeared

    I bought theonite myself and had an error that I left, but a little while after it came to me in the mail section of the app? If it doesn't happen in like the next few hours then yeah post again saying nothing's coming back
  5. NamelesstheBeardless

    Did you get an Annie?

    Nope, Fukua Rough Copy
  6. NamelesstheBeardless

    Other New ideas to hold us over until the new character

    I still advocate for palette customization down the line! you'd have to grind for it but I think adding more aesthetic customization is always a big bonus in games, people love customizing and making their look unique to them! Gives incentive for the long run for them to go "Hey! look at my...
  7. NamelesstheBeardless

    OFFICIAL: Rift Battle Rework Details

    This is probably a minor note in the grand scheme of things but I hope we get more customizability down the line...! Things like naming our bases and other things like that. It's a minor touch but it helps our base really feel like OUR base, you know? I made a post a long time ago suggesting...
  8. NamelesstheBeardless

    SG Custom Fighters

    Warning, a lot of images cause I didn't have really much to do today Hi everyone! And happy April Fool's Day, I hope everyone is coping well with the state of the world As a way for me to cope, I decided to make custom cards of a bunch of my OCs to feel better. I got a little shy showing...
  9. NamelesstheBeardless

    OFFICIAL: Rift Battle Rework Details

    Oh wow, coming back to the game and this is a nice improvement already! I had a lot of strong fighters but absolutely no nodes, so it was a... experience, to say the least. These look "paws"itively lovely to see!
  10. NamelesstheBeardless

    The Skullgirls Roster

    Like as stated before, I expect Annie/Umbrella/Black Dahlia/Marie to be guaranteed picks down the line, and for good reason Before I say my picks, one of the reasons I don't think people talk about is something that weighs heavily into my choices: perspective I think top priority picks to...
  11. NamelesstheBeardless

    Story Challenges--HELP

    Ahhh I dismissed barrier cause I assumed it still counted as "damage" This will help greatly with the master versions of this, thank you so much!!
  12. NamelesstheBeardless

    Story Challenges--HELP

    Has anyone found a way to beat that "no damage" run against the dread locks filia cause woo boy Djinn Frizz or Red Velvet might be able to do it but that... is purely luck based
  13. NamelesstheBeardless

    Characters Diversity In Skullgirls

    I hope with the new character they're developing some of these are considered! Personally I would like original Tan Daisy as a color maybe some characters from She-Ra or Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts
  14. NamelesstheBeardless

    OFFICIAL: Brand New Skullgirls Mobile Character FAQ

    One weird thing about Fukua that I'd like to see is everyone getting a Fukua color scheme in like a "off brand clone event" and all their names are misspelled, but that's just wishful thinking sjkfhjksf