• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    Let the grinding commence my friend. This is pretty much the only game I play on my phone when there's free time.
  2. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    Oh it's safe this time lol, hope to see your team on the battlefield in celebration!
  3. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    Thanks so much for your help, Liam! I really do appreciate your quick response and in depth guide to figure this out. I figured it out in time so it looks like I'll be playing much more than I previously thought. As it turns out it was on one of the Google accounts that I used on an old android...
  4. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    So when you go to login options in the top right you don't see a gold looking icon about making a skullgirls account? I saw them on the fresh accounts I made when I tried seeing if my account was actually linked to my gmail or facebook instead. I'll login again to my new LINE accounts to try and...
  5. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    Well, it's partially my fault because I hadn't logged in awhile because I was putting off the update but yeah I never expected this when I finally came on to play again and then I found out about all this. Really sucks: last photo I could find of my account name on my phone but no ID pictures...
  6. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    I hope you make it, I have a feeling I'm going to lose everything. I tried other logins through my only Facebook account and with the only two gmail accounts I would have ever used but those all came up as brand new LINE accounts with their own ID and nothing on them starting at level 1 so I...
  7. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    I've tried all day to figure out what's wrong with my account: but I keep getting "error code -62080" when I try to log into LINE with my iOS credentials unfortunately. I know I did not use GUEST because I had an actual username that was my name in-game.
  8. Parabellum

    Bug - Crash Critical Transfer Issue

    Apparently I am unable to update to 1.6.1, (I have 1.6.0) and create a new login for the switch to 2.0, the app is no longer available on the store. I am using an iPhone 6s. These are the images I see in order when opening Skullgirls.
  9. Parabellum

    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Login / Account Migration FAQ

    I may be in a bit of trouble here, I have version 1.6 (it says in the bottom left corner anyway) but I'm stuck. I screenshotted everything I see on my end on my iPhone 6S I've spent like $100 on this game so far and have a decent amount of time invested so I hope it's salvageable.:oops...
  10. Parabellum

    Is anyone experiencing unresponsive controls or is it just me?

    Which fighters is this happening to, all of them? Is this only occurring when you swipe right twice to do the double heavy attack? I'm trying to replicate this bug but I haven't been able to yet. Make sure to also post your phone and OS for devs!
  11. Parabellum

    OFFICIAL: 1.2.3 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    First impressions on the update are fantastic! I think one of the best parts about it is that fighting overall feels more responsive because we can try to escape after hitting a blocking opponent and it seems like the opponent is better at blocking ill-timed BBs. Eliza's Sekhmet mode plays so...
  12. Parabellum

    Moisterrific's Valentine Tier List and Recommended Builds

    So to reiterate, Last Hope can only heal one teammate below 25% while alive and can only resurrect herself back to 50% once? If that's the case I think it would be more worthwhile if she healed all teammates once regardless of being dead or alive and still had the one revive available. Almost...
  13. Parabellum

    Bug - Normal Level falsely cleared

    This happened to me once on the advanced painwheel DE we just had. I ignored it, game eventually crashed and phone froze. Did a soft reset and the random completed node was no longer there. I have no idea if the crash or my phone freezing were at all related to the node or not just stating what...
  14. Parabellum

    Collection Make Daily Events 3-6-9

    As I become more experienced, I find that I focus only on completing the advanced and expert Daily Events as bronze moves become inferior to the higher tiers. Also as I gain better fighters, the need for gold to upgrade them increases exponentially. My suggestion is to revamp gold values in a...
  15. Parabellum

    Who comes up with the Fight Modifiers for Daily Events?

    I'm finally experiencing the final Big Band Expert fight. Wew, could TASER perhaps be toned down a little? It's so powerful Big Band practically never even needs the armor or invincibility. Even reducing it to 25% would go a long way to reduce the super annoying stun chains. That or make it so...