• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Raidriar

    Bug - Normal Some Stun bugs

    For band, the second bug with the combo count thing is actually a buff cuz epic sax and beat extend will do more damage XD
  2. Raidriar

    Bug - Normal Some Stun bugs

    Some other people on the discord were able to recreate all of them. Are you doing exactly what I do in the videos?
  3. Raidriar

    Bug - Normal Some Stun bugs

    the new 1.2.3 made some changes to how stun works, which is now causing some bugs with the OTG and combo count. here are some videos of things not working as they are intended to be. Band's dash will floor the opponent and make launcher after ground impossible: Eliza's launcher will send the...
  4. Raidriar

    Bug - Normal Stunning affects seem to bypass blocking when unflinching.

    I also noticed that for untouchable, if you get a 0 but no unflinching (a different bug altogether) it is still possible to take the stun afterward.
  5. Raidriar

    Bug - Normal Sweet Clarinet not working properly

    Sofar, this bug only works vs another big band. If you use sweet clarinet after a launcher, you will go into air combo animation but it misses. so it is currently impossible to extend combos after clarinet when fighting another big band. I will update if i find another character that causes this...
  6. Raidriar

    Bug - Crash Memory Leak in Some Fights

    So, I'm pretty sure the devs are already aware that there is a crashing problem for iphones during team select / collection. Well, at first i thought it was just having too many fighters, so I cleared out half of my collection but it did not fix the crashing frequency. I found an app that lets...
  7. Raidriar

    Reversing FS into stats and skill tree

    Some of you have have seen my other post about the fighter stats and fight score calculations. Well, I was gathering that info for the ultimate project of creating something that can reverse any FS into the character's stats and skill tree. Well, after many hours in Python, I have completed it...
  8. Raidriar

    Big Band Combos

    does the combo number turn red before the first cymbal clash? if so, then there is an opening where the opponent can react and punish. (I believe any BB can be used here, not just upward ones) I'd rather not getting countered and just guarantee a kill using bamboo's advance combo and meter gain.
  9. Raidriar

    Resolved Log out when attempting to start without internet

    If you start up the app without internet, you get logged out, and must log in again before resuming play, even if you re-connect to the internet later. (only on start up, does not log out if game is suspended)
  10. Raidriar

    Bug - Normal Meter Gain move buffs not working in Prize Fight

    My epic sax big band has 21% meter gain so by the end of the standard 18 hit combo, my BB1s are always up, but for some reason during the current Prize Fight, my BB1s are just barely not ready. it is in the exact same charge as 0% meter gain.
  11. Raidriar

    Calculated Fighter Stats

    My curiosity about fighter stats have driven me to create a spreadsheet that gives the estimated base ATK/HP of a fighter at any given level. Granted these calculations are estimates so there will be some discrepancies with the exact values. I thought I would share the document in case anyone...
  12. Raidriar

    OFFICIAL: 1.2.1 Update Notes

    Forbidden Procedure is a BB2 not a SM
  13. Raidriar

    Big Band Combos

    The timing for Cymbal Clash is literally activate it as soon as possible, then afterward, you can actually go into dash -> ground combo XX -> Beat Extend not sure when is the best time to cancel, but if you do the full 5, only the first hit of beat extend will hit, rest miss. edit: sofar xx at...
  14. Raidriar

    1.2.1 Peacock Stealth Nerf

    highly doubt they would nerfed. maybe it was over 700 because of moves equipped? checking the silver and golds won't really make a difference. another way to check if numbers have changed is if you had the fight score before and after the patch. ATK and HP directly factor into the score, so if...
  15. Raidriar

    1.2.1 Peacock Stealth Nerf

    different fighters have different stats. It's not just between their tiers. Rerun peacock has less attack but higher HP than sketchy. each different type of fighter has different ATK and HP, even if its the same character/rarity. If you had a screenshot of the EXACT SAME peacock before and after...