• [2018/06/22]
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  1. tom641

    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I still don't see the point of the changes to top 200 honestly. For most people all it means is less rewards unless you were one of the rare lucky few who were in Gold 1 and landed at the tail end of Gold 4 or something, so now you're technically getting Diamond Shards. It's the same as a...
  2. tom641

    OFFICIAL: Robo Fortune Release and Possible New Characters

    so when/if brand new characters get created, is there any faint hope that the work done on them could go towards the actual full Skullgirls game/a sequel in some fashion? I'm sure it won't be as much as the full spritesheets as the original games but a good portion of the work will already be...
  3. tom641

    OFFICIAL: 3.1 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    "In 3.1, all players below 1050 Rift Rating will always be placed into the ROOKIE tier, and they will be excluded from percentile rank calculations at the end of a season. The Diamond 4 tier will also now start at top 200, instead of top 1%." noooo prize fights is rough enough nowadays don't...
  4. tom641

    Advanced AI shenanigans

    Wasn't said thumbnail made entirely out of sprites directly taken from Skullgirls? Granted I might be thinking of something else entirely. EDIT: disregard, it was explained, i was indeed thinking of another video
  5. tom641

    What do you think Squigly will be like?

    It'll almost certainly be a BB3.
  6. tom641

    Future Storylines [Potential Spoilers]

    I think the general idea is that before the events of Skullgirls, any of the playable stories could be possible, and certain events like the attack on Dr. Avian's lab happen consistently, it mostly diverges at who gets to the Cathedral first, with some specific differences. Basically I think...
  7. tom641

    Bug - Normal What happened to the Skullgirls logo on the forums?

    Can confirm, the forum's a little funky on my desktop too.
  8. tom641

    OFFICIAL: 2.0.1 Update Notes (LIVE)

    i'm not a dev but I have no reason to suspect the game will stop being F2P.
  9. tom641

    yeah but there used to be enough people who didn't know that to fight, now it's like pulling...

    yeah but there used to be enough people who didn't know that to fight, now it's like pulling teeth to get any kind of decent chain going.
  10. tom641


    Raw stats they'll always be worse, but some of the abilities are worth keeping around.
  11. tom641


    I'm pretty sure the relic chances are listed as 1% for a Gold. The only reliable way to get golds is via Prize Fights but especially with the point requirements bloating up since I played you'd probably need a gold already for that.
  12. tom641

    OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Yeaaaah the armor stacking is annoying. You could maybe try to get someone who can remove beneficial buffs of the enemy like Silent Kill Valentine but you might also just flat out need to power up your fighters.
  13. tom641

    OFFICIAL: 1.6.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    I don't think there are actually any builds that are truly insurmountable (maybe if Resonant Evil was a natural Gold) it's true that a lot of it is a DPS check later on. It's obnoxious but that's the nature of mobile games. And for what it's worth outside of the very high end nonsense this game...
  14. tom641

    Favorite Character

    Cerebella was my favorite of the main Skullgirls game, she's a cutie, she's a looker, she's tough, she's fun to play. In the mobile game it's the same thing, especially since this game is so centered around blocking and she has a number of command grabs. Honestly I still think she's the best...
  15. tom641

    I just want to say if you've got a PF team of 2 weaklings and someone with nothing but attack...

    I just want to say if you've got a PF team of 2 weaklings and someone with nothing but attack and unblockables/BB3s i dislike you immensely