• [2018/06/22]
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--"Skullgirls mobile actually inspired me to buy the legit game.
The forums actually inspired me to correct everyone on how to play it."

Heyya sweetcheeks!

Here's the information you probs came to see:
  • I draw, and to work on digital because I suck at it I'm always open to ideas. Don't expect full-on anime but I do realism and semi-anime cartoonish beings. So I'm always open and no suggestion is dumb if you come up with an idea or a character you want to see!
  • That's it really I have nothing else to share, but you can always drop by and try to make friends! I'm the type that loves people and calls everyone "honey/sweetie." :D
  • My mains are Parasoul, Valentine, and Eliza(I love how you can feel a strength behind their movements).
  • My least favorite? Big Band, motherfucker feels stiff for some reason.
That's all for now!
Jun 20, 1999 (Age: 21)
Future game programmer/artist! :D



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