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May 17, 2017
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!Robot, from Canada

Hidden Variable Dev

We back! Apr 21, 2020

    1. wuandex
      i need account support
      1. Liam
        Jun 20, 2020
      2. Liam
        Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly through skullgirls@hiddenvariable.com
        Jun 20, 2020
    2. Guillex
      Thanks Liam for this wonderful Game!!!
      1. rexturtle1120 likes this.
    3. Liam
      We back!
      1. Disasterrr19
        Apr 21, 2020
      2. Rudølf
        Apr 21, 2020
    4. Liam
      Happy Holidays everyone! Note that I will be relatively unresponsive until the New Year. Thanks for the awesome 2019! :D
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      2. Dusty00
        Enjoy your time off! Thanks for all your work and communication this year. Happy holidays!
        Dec 20, 2019
    5. Spaceman
      Hello Liam, I arose a doubt, use an application of automatic clicks to do some daily missions Is it baneable
    6. Leichenfresser
      Hey C: I don't know where to ask for the administrator so I hope this is the right place...?

      I try to post a thread in Feeback & Suggestions, but it always says to me that it's spam-like. And I don't quite know what about it would be spam-like, it's just a short list of 10 things I would like to see.

      Thanks for reading C:
    7. Jhosvi
      Thanks for your work, i personally really appreciate it
    8. Liam
      New avatar to celebrate Overclocked of course! :D
    9. FrenchiestFry
      I’m kindof new to this and experiencing a minor issue. You see i just beat the origin story for peacock on advanced, got 3 relics and opened them. I got a bronze, gold, and silver peacock. Then i notice that it hit 100% so i could claim a gold relic, but now it’s just stuck at 100% and I cant do anything. It’s just kindof sitting there. Mocking me
      1. Liam
        Hey FrenchiestFry, if you check your stash, you should see that you have less than 1000 shards. The % is rounding up to 100%. We'll have this fixed in our next update!
        Feb 14, 2019
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    10. Reshiram18
      When will we be getting an official 2019 preview for what the dev team hopes to accomplish in the upcoming year?
      1. Kassem Shour likes this.
      2. Liam
    11. Kassem Shour
      Kassem Shour
      One more thing, I just wanted to know when will we be expecting Robo-Fortune to finally appear. I am hyped
      1. Bangaunties69 likes this.
    12. Kassem Shour
      Kassem Shour
      HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance to you and the entire Skullgirls team and I wish you all good health, prosperity and abundant success for 2019.
    13. Liam
      Just a heads up that due the holidays we'll be much harder to get a hold of until after new years. Happy holidays everyone!
      1. Kassem Shour likes this.
    14. rexturtle1120
      Hi Liam, loving the new halloween update. Could you change Decrypteds New SA2 back into her old SA2? Me and some of the other players really miss the ability to change ANY buff into bleed. You could add her new SA2 to her SA1. The Bleed SA2 wasn’t overpowered before since most people didn’t use D.Eliza but you guys will have to be the judge. I enjoy the game with all its new stuff regardless.
      1. xcapibara, Luke and fanghoul like this.
      2. vucaar
        I will have to support the argument of this player. You're giving a "carry SA" for a character that will never be a carry, Decrypted was designed as a character that makes tricks. SA overpowered? Come on, nothing that bleed resistance could fix (easy to counter to resume). She was never a famous character, and when she got a highlight, you nerf her, unfair from my perspective.
        Oct 27, 2018
        xcapibara, rexturtle1120 and fanghoul like this.
    15. Kassem Shour
      Kassem Shour
      Hey Liam, EXCELLENT job with the Halloween update. I really LOVE that the new character cards are Marvel & DC heroes and villains, Cerebella is the only one that is from Battle Toads but it is still AMAZING. Really OUTSTANDING job, I am hyped to play the Halloween challenge when it comes. Great work and may ALLAH always bless you and the entire Skullgirls team
    16. SoulOfBandit RH
      SoulOfBandit RH
      Hey Liam! the game is going very slowly, and the same thing is happening to many users :/
      1. xcapibara
        Oct 24, 2018
      2. Liam
        Thanks for the report! Their are numerous threads up about this issue right now. We're working on resolving it ASAP!
        Oct 25, 2018
    17. SoulOfBandit RH
      SoulOfBandit RH
      Good Liam, a question, who was responsible for the translation into Spanish? because I have detected more than 20 translation errors of which some are serious.
      1. Liam
        Hey SoulOfBandit, if you can create a new thread with all 20 of the translation errors, we'll get them looked at ASAP.
        Oct 16, 2018
    18. rexturtle1120
      Hey Liam, thanks to you and the entire dev team for making one of the best mobile games I’ve seen yet. Oh and thanks for making more slivers again!
      1. Animus66 and Liam like this.
      2. Liam
        It's our pleasure! Thanks for the kind words. :)
        Oct 12, 2018
    19. GrumpuGlifford
      Thank you so much for the hard work that you and the other devs do! Like seriously dude, I don't think i've had this much fun from a game! Especially since i play it so casually.
      1. Liam likes this.
      2. Liam
        Thanks for your support, glad you enjoy the game :D
        Oct 12, 2018
        GrumpuGlifford likes this.
    20. Animus66
      Hi Liam I was wondering in the character section on this forum is it OK to make a dedicated page of certain characters doing their moves in gift/mp4? Just something maybes some will admire?.
      1. Liam
        A thread dedicated to a character's Moves sounds awesome, yeah!
        Oct 5, 2018
        Animus66 likes this.
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