• [2018/06/22]
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    Bug - Normal Cheater / Hacker Reporting

    Time: 10:58 am EST Date: July 7th, 2020
  2. TRIX

    2.6 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    *Screams in main* The game really feels like it's coming together now!!
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    Color Palettes Wishlist

    Elizabeth Eliza!! :D "Death's Wish" "Gemini" "Shadow Skull" (more of a P4 thing since shadow's weren't your true self in P3) "Red Request" More puns in general: "Ankhing for it"Eliza "Male Order"Beo Also I think Pokemon skins would be cool to imagine, I know they're not in the game but it's...
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    SG Custom Fighters

    My tablet broke and I've got exams today but I can whip it up later. I haven't forgotten about this. >:y
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    OFFICIAL: Display Name Reservation (CLOSED)

    Is it okay to use special characters in this? Is there a limit to what kind? :O
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    OFFICIAL: 2.1.0 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    ♡ You guys are the best! ♡
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    SG Custom Fighters

    YOU'RE A GOD, CEL. A god. Truly. Making mine when I get home, already got the pngs.
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    How far can one get without in-app purchases?

    I know I'm not the best example, but I really only bought one 5 dollar pack(when we switched over to 2.0 as a thanks), but I think I made cool progress. https://m.imgur.com/k6whrnv I went on for around a year playing this game with only my Parasite Weave, took a 3 or 4 month break, played some...
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    Fights Make team affecting signature abilities stack

    I KNEW IT! I KNEW WE DIDNT HAVE TO DO QUOTES TO RESPOND--why did I forget that. Hm anyways yea true about the wait thing but hey the community opinion exists here now, you're right that we should just let it settle rather than making demands.
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    Fights Make team affecting signature abilities stack

    Maybes the difference is if it extends out from the actual character model or not? Hitboxes n' all but don't quote me on it.
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    Fights Make team affecting signature abilities stack

    I'm with Moist. I come from Overwatch, so I'm gonna speak in terms of that. Basically everyone hated the tripple tank meta where you needed: Ana, Zarya, Roadhog, and Reinhardt. It was used in every tournament and all that jazz, since then Ana has been nerfed and the game rebalanced to allow...
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    Anyone else getting a DoubleVS.Double thing where you/they can block right after a juggle?

    Anyone else getting a DoubleVS.Double thing where you/they can block right after a juggle?
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    OFFICIAL: Skullgirls Login / Account Migration FAQ

    *sigh January 15th was probably the day Skullgirls migrated, so just download the new app and log in to your account, if your data is gone then send a mod(Liam probs) a dm.
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    Some questions

    FIRST: Always go for their SA and combo unlocks. Upgrading the SA through each node is like the difference between Diva Intervention earning like 10% of Sekmet damage back as health and 50% back. So SA's save your life and make your character useful, and combo upgrades allow you to have...
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    Is there a way to interrupt/counter BB3 move?

    I know this isn't that helpful but if it's a daily event or storymode the enemy's moved get randomized, if you can't pull it off see if you can just get lucky to where they spawn with no BB3. Other than that you can grab Peacock's out of Argus Agony(which isn't even a BB3) but that's about it.