• [2018/06/22]
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  1. VicKing

    The Fan Art Thread

    i missed the game when he was uncensored after that politically correct **** skullgirls came in with this censored policy.
  2. VicKing

    Please Improve Valentine

    But after the 2.0.1 update the attack was different for use all three syringes. It has simply become much harder to use them in sequence. I'm not complaining because I like games that treat players with difficulties in the game that makes Skullgirls attractive. For me it would become even more...
  3. VicKing

    Bug - Normal DEAD ON ARRIVAL ( Valentine )

    When i finish with this technique game on last hit in the last player my screen stay in white or black. does not appear the red skull of the technique. My phone is Galaxy S7. Thanks. Always Best Staff and community players.
  4. VicKing

    Please Improve Valentine

    I agree little buff make sense for Val. Mainly Silent Kill Valentine.
  5. VicKing

    Fights Hard Battle Received Grand Finale

    I would say the last hit for the winning battle in this momment reduce for 0.75 slowmotion You dont understand what i said
  6. VicKing

    Fights Hard Battle Received Grand Finale

    Do you struggle when you have that content of fear of losing your high sequence? Exactly fights that use almost exhausted all the time that were thrilling and gave him pressure should have a slowmotion finish to 0.75x to have that feeling of a difficult and arduous fight and for someone who is...
  7. VicKing

    A Parasoul Tier List

    Ivy League so pretty *_*
  8. VicKing

    2.6 Update Notes (LIVE!)

    Very Well I Like the changes with BB3. But i ask when will we see a more unpredictable AI? @Liam _____________________________________ I hate the new levelling power up. do not get me tired of saying every update that passes more praise to this staff. Great Job
  9. VicKing

    Other Set a "range" for PF Defense teams

    This is difficult of game input in mode. I passed for this and today im better
  10. VicKing


    I understand but see that for example in my smarthphone the maximum memory consumed Skullgirl game is 343MB being that it could use up to 1.5GB without harming the OS and other apps. I know that you are targeting more modest devices but you can not forget who has more modern and powerful...
  11. VicKing


    I know but i said the cars dont appear passing in on the bridge
  12. VicKing


    http://skullgirls.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Stages?file=UBStage_001.png This Stage Why in the mobile version the cars does not appear passing it on the bridge. I think this screen is so nostalgic and my favorite. And i miss it. Thanks. Skullgirls best game best staff and comunnity.
  13. VicKing


    I like to know name of all stages? Thanks Guys.
  14. VicKing

    Other Voice Packs?

    Sovietec is exciting.
  15. VicKing

    Characters New roster?

    I just think that Lab Zero could raise a Crowded Found. Raise marketing investment in the popularity of the game to boost the game more in medias. New impressions characters on the original and the mobile would be incredible