• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Characters Special moves menu

    It would be nice if we could have something like Marvel FF where you can see the characters perform special moves, rather than just their basic moves.
  2. NiceWinloord

    Characters Painwheel - Blood Drive abilities

    Hi, I have a suggestion for this character. Using her, almost everyone recognize this is a character with low potential for battles, because we can substitute her abilities for others (Heavy Bleed from Buzzkill and the Rage from many); and it's not effective to fight within you're killing...
  3. Wulfden

    Characters A system to build up characters abilities?

    So, this was brought up in another thread I voiced my opinion, but as someone did mention, in the current meta of SG mobile, we are most likely in need of a new system to grant bonuses to units we have in the game to bring up their usage and steer away the idea of only using tier lists so to...
  4. Wulfden

    Bug - Normal No Egrets abilities reverted to level 1 upgrades

    Hi all, so, I've been playing the prize fights and noticed another glitch, this time affecting my No Egrets Parasoul, in which her Martial Law ability, despite buying nearly all her nodes to upgrade it, only allows her to deal the status for 4 and 3 seconds respectively shown here: Despite...
  5. Black Egret#13

    Fights The modifier/signature ability suggestion thread

    This thread is for suggestions on abilities and modifiersfor future characters, daily events, and prize fights. Let me start. 10% chance on hit to take all the opponents positive combat effects, and apply them to yourself. 10% chance on hit to apply all your negative combat effects to the...
  6. SoakingSamuel

    Which character has the best ability?

    I'm using Scrubs Valentine and PeaShooter Peacock, but they're both wind. Who should I replace them with?
  7. Saint2th

    What modifiers / abilities would you like to see?

    There's a ton of modifiers in this game, so occasionally in the Skullgirls Discord's mobile channel we discuss potential modifiers / abilities that can be useful. So I'm making this thread so players can come up with their own hypothetical modifiers and abilities for fun. Posts aren't limited...