• [2018/06/22]
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  1. BallotBoxer

    Other New Accolades

    Accolades were added in 4.3 (30 June 2020) nearly 2 years(!) ago. If you are like me, you happily achieved them all* in a few months. There should be more! Here are some suggested new accolades. Reply with your own ideas too! *well, maybe not all. Like 100% Match Challenges in Story Mode...
  2. F

    Resolved Accolades dosent work

    Hi i had a bug with acoolades i was trying to achive 10 diamond charecters achivment i upgraded my primed parasoul to diamond and i didnt get the achivment my in game name is ananas suyu ,my phone model is Lenovo p70-a my android version is 5.1 and im playing from Turkey ,i posted my diamonds...
  3. B

    Bug - Normal Louvores

    Nas recompensas de louvores, não consigo pegar as essências de diamante, pois consta que tenho apenas nove lutadores diamante, porém tenho 11.
  4. Q

    Bug - Normal Accolades for gold fighter collection seems to not record correctly

    As you can see, the counter on the accolades says i have 8 gold characters when in actuality i have 10 unique gold characters (The collection above was sorted to only golds, from most recent to the oldest). i first noticed the bug when i got opened a gold relic and a premiere relic to get That's...
  5. BallotBoxer

    Toughest Accolades: 50 Hits

    What is the toughest accolade to accomplish? Events > 100 Defense Wins? Just takes time Collection > Shiny Fighter? It will happen eventually! I got my first last month. Story Mode > 100% Match Challenges? yeah probably, but there is another: Combat > 5 50-Hit Combos - 7 50-Hit Combos - 10...
  6. R

    Bug - Normal Not exactly a bug, just an oversight: Accolades

    I got a gold fighter from a friend gift but the collection accolade Gold Fighter achievement hasn't been fulfilled. You can see the gold fighter as my profile pic.
  7. nesteaisnasty

    Bug - Normal Accolades not having any available rewards

    (not a problem with my account but a friend's that has asked me to use my forum account to share his problem) Hi, level 50 here with most of the story complete, yet I didn't get any reward. I can't really become level 10, 20, 30 again can I? What's the deal with it? Please fix it. Thank you...
  8. BallotBoxer

    How to Burst?

    HOW TO BURST? The 4.3 patch brought accolades - generous goodies given for various accomplishments. In the Combat section, there are tallies for bursts, throw breaks, taunts, outtakes, and intercepts. Within less than a week, most of them are filled 100/100, except for bursts, frozen at 0/100...
  9. Hall☆weenQueen

    Accolades in 4.3

    Coming in 4.3-- ACCOLADES To quote SGM Twitter: ACCOLADES are a brand new feature arriving in 4.3! As you reach gameplay milestones you'll earn Accolades, and BIG REWARDS to go with them! No matter your skill level, you'll find an Accolade to aim for! So let's discuss! This...