• [2018/06/22]
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account loss

  1. Elpatoxd

    Me inhabilitaron la cuenta injustamente

    Hola quería pedir ayuda ya que me inhabilitaron la cuenta que tenía desde hace un mes aprox. Y no se por qué motivo ya que nunca hice trampa ni nada por el estilo ni siquiera eh usado hacks siempre jugué limpiamente y de un día para el otro me la inhabilitaron justo ayer a la tarde quise entrar...
  2. Art3mes

    Probably the most important thread in this forum

    What are the things that you are not supposed to do to your account/s that is/are linked to the Skullgirls Mobile Game that may result it login errors or the worst, unrecoverable data loss? There should be a thread about it already. Just tell me. I'm curious.
  3. M

    I lost my account and I need help

    Someone from technical support or someone who can help me, I have been waiting 20 days for a response from Hidden Variable Studios (Skullgirls / Bag It!) and far from helping me they eliminated my ticket. This is my problem: I had several months that I did not play, I only entered for the daily...
  4. M

    Losing progress

    So I don't know how many others have experienced this but for some reason with the new update I've lost all my progress. Characters and everything. Can someone maybe help me find a way to get my account back?
  5. P

    Bug - Crash Facebook - Acceso al servidor

    Buen día. Lleve varias horas intentando ingresar a mi cuenta a través del vínculo de Facebook pero no me lo que permite. No puedo recuperar mi progreso y el proceso de reinstalación de la aplicación tampoco funciona. ¿Qué me recomiendan? Adjunto una imagen.
  6. R

    Bug - Crash several crashes and account loss

    Hi. I have a question. After today's update the game crashes during the intro movie causing the phone to reboot several times. But most unpleasant thing is that it logged out from my account (yes, unfortunately it was a guest account, i think) and ask me to start everything from begining. Is it...