• [2018/06/22]
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accuraed experiments

  1. VictuTheNewb

    Bug - Normal Accursed Experiments not giving rewards & FPS drops when I open any relic

    So, I completed AE yesterday, as soon as the Robo Fortune download was complete. The enemies' ressurect modifier didn't trigger at all(maybe because I was playing Cerebella, she has a low amount of hits per combo), and after that, the very long chapter completion animation for it. After some...
  2. Manowar

    Bug - Normal Didn’t receive accursed expirement awards

    Hello. Finished the chapter boss battle and didn’t receive my keys or 50k gold. Only got the 240 you would get for a replay. This was my first win this week. If it helps solve the problem I’m in an area with little service and had to “retry” reaching servers.