• [2018/06/22]
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annie of the stars

  1. Dark dizzy

    Annie custom variant

    Reference: Zero megaman x
  2. C

    Bug - Crash I lost 5000 theonites

    Hello! Today, few minutes ago, I bought Jackpot Annie relics for 5000 theonites (keep in mind that collected them WHOLE YEAR). When i bought these relics, my game crashed, i came back... I didnt have 5000 theo. Cool. But didnt have any jackpots. NOT COOL. I even reinstalled game but it did...
  3. MugPug

    Annie’a Marquee ability: Redshift & Blueshift

    THIS IS NOT OKAYYYY. Listen, for you who don’t know Annie has just been announced (yes yay yay whatevs) on the Skullgirls mobile Twitter account they’ve been giving us previews on what she’s going to play like, variants, etc. on their account they’ve just revealed her marquee ability and it is...
  4. skvllgirlz

    Annie Color Palette Ideas

    YEEHAW ANNIE'S COMING! And we are all excited! You know what else is exciting? Color palettes (or well... to me they are) I made an outline of Annie's idle sprite using a screenshot I took from her trailer video to make color palettes out of. The PNG version can be used on any art software, and...