• [2018/06/22]
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  1. D

    Bug - Normal Annie Bug

    here's how the bug looks like
  2. albert2417

    Resolved Timeless Hero Prestige Ability Issue

    Timeless Hero Annie’s prestige ability does not work properly. If her signature ability kicks in and unlimited Star Power meter is achieved then her prestige ability will never charge, no matter how much Star Power attacks you use. However, if you use up some Star Power meter before the...
  3. S

    Bug - Normal 3 issues i've found

    First one i've found is in Cerebella's master level daily event. It has a "Get a grip" effect and makes all throws deal no damage. But some Squigly and Filia blockbusters deal no damage too cuz of this effect. Idk if this is a feature or a bug. Another issue is with the russian translation of...
  4. L

    Bug - Normal Problemas visuales con Annie / Visual problems with Annie

    Buenos días/tardes/noches, tengo el siguiente problema con todas mis Annie. Alguien le pasó? Cómo lo soluciono? De antemano gracias. Good morning/afternoon/evening, I have the following problem with all my Annie's. Has anyone passed him? How do I solve it? First of all, Thanks
  5. Pandamonium

    Characters Material Girl Re-Work

    Old SA2: While in STAR POWER MODE, gain permanent ENRAGE, REGEN, PRECISION, AUTO-BLOCK or HASTE, and 3/4/5% BLOCKBUSTER METER per second. The permanent BUFF is removed when exiting STAR POWER. New SA2: While in STAR POWER MODE, gain permanent ENRAGE, PRECISION or INMUNITY, and 3/4/5%...
  6. S

    Bug - Normal Fighter not found??

    So far, out of nowhere, my silver Galactic Glamour Annie keeps being refused to be used by the game. When I try to use her for anything it says "fighter cannot be found" even after a week or two of this happening originally and I don't know what's going on
  7. Crushnap

    Bug - Normal Annie Taunt

    iPhone 11 App version 4.6.1 There are a few frames in Annie’s taunt “Reflection Nebula”, between when she reflects an attack and when the buff is gained, where if she’s hit she won’t reflect OR gain the buff. Don’t know if this is intentional, but it feels like a bug.
  8. E

    Bug - Normal new bug?

    i was doing a prize fight when my annie that had roughly the some power level(?) and elemental advantage did about 5% damage combo to a big band, and then the big band basically did the same combo to me but it did half my annies health. i'm pretty sure there wasn't any buffs on the big band, and...
  9. G

    Characters Is annie gonna have JPN voiceover?

    Is annie gonna have a JPN voiceover? Just pure wondering bcs the EN ver is nice, so what about her JPN ver
  10. FriendlyWolf

    Thoughts so far on Annie?

    How's everyone been liking annie? I did a 10+1 jackpot pull and got ninja and Moonstruck and the bronzes by single pulls and I gotta say she's pretty fun to use. Her Blockbusters are really cool and her variants are fun to use. I do gotta say I'm not fond on her SA though. 20...
  11. C

    Bug - Crash I lost 5000 theonites

    Hello! Today, few minutes ago, I bought Jackpot Annie relics for 5000 theonites (keep in mind that collected them WHOLE YEAR). When i bought these relics, my game crashed, i came back... I didnt have 5000 theo. Cool. But didnt have any jackpots. NOT COOL. I even reinstalled game but it did...
  12. LordOozy

    7k Moonstruck vs 93.2k PF Team

    She's very strong with the right technical ability and resources
  13. LordOozy

    Annie Infinite Combo

    The conditions that need to be met in order to perform the combo are in the video's description. Enjoy!
  14. fanghoul

    First Impressions of Annie

    As some people have access to Annie now, either through luck or having saved up theonite or just spending cash, and I was curious what other people's first impressions were. So far compared to the other recent new releases (Fukua and Robofortune) I'm finding Annie a lot more intuitive to play...
  15. TonyPartridge30

    Does Photo Bop deal a finishing blow?

    I was in a VS match and the opponent had like <20% health left. I activated the BB3 and it ran it's course, but once it ended, the enemy didn't die. Instead, they just staggered; I followed up with Gravity Slingshot to finish the match. I'm wondering if Photo Bop just didn't have enough kick on...
  16. TonyPartridge30

    Did you get an Annie?

    Since 4.4 is supposed to give everyone a free Cosmic Premiere Relic, I wanted to make a thread for people lucky enough to get an Annie from that free gift to post about their luck and earn the ire and envy of the rest of us. I guess you can also post about other Annie pulls, if you want. I'm...
  17. Lasatar

    "Heat Synced" - Strategy & Discussion

    Heat Synced Rarity: Diamond Element: Fire Palette: Annie (League of Legends) Quote: "You smell like burning." Signature Ability: SEARING STARS Currently unknown. SA Speculation: SA1: When using a Special Move or Blockbuster, gain ENRAGE for X seconds. SA2: Upon landing a Charge Attack...
  18. Thatonevalentineuser

    Should I wait till 4.5

    Since Annie is coming soon and My Diamond relic Needs 7% more to be ready should I not open any relics in 4.4 and wait till shes available on All relics so that I have a chance to pull her?
  19. Rekken

    Best way to get Annie in 2.4

    Anyone has idea of what's the best way to get Annie? Jackpot relics or Premiere relics? and also anyone has the accurate stats I would love to see, thanks
  20. TonyPartridge30

    "Model Leader" - Strategy & Discussion

    MODEL LEADER Fighter: Annie Rarity: Diamond Element: Water Color Palette: Gym Leader Nessa (Pokémon Sword & Shield) "Flood the stadium and make it our ocean!" SIGNATURE ABILITY: Liquid Courage SA1: every 30/25/20 seconds, she clears debuffs from teammates and grants 15 seconds of Armor (while...