• [2018/06/22]
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  1. doggy.artist

    Leveling up a Fighters score

    I ended up pulling a Surgeon General Valentine a while ago and started to train her so she can go with my Persona Assistant Robo-Fortune and Jawbreaker Double. As I'm almost done leveling her up (3 levels away from max level) I realize that she and Robo-Fortune aren't going to be able to reach...
  2. Mirak

    Best MA for Eliza?

    I have both Diva intervention and Bloodbath, both maxed out, only need to unlock their MAs. Which one do you have for your Eliza and why? What's confusing me is that both Elizas have a way of regaining health, BB through regen and DI through Sekhmet. I use both for rifts, and planning to use...
  3. Soaked-In-Soul

    How do you get fighter score above 10000?!?!?!

    I have a level 47 bloodbath Eliza and she has a fighter score of 8474 with 3/4 of her skill tree full. However, I just saw a bloodbath Eliza with a fighter score that was 14.2, which seems ridiculously high. I don’t think that even once the last 8 or 10 skill tree nodes are full that I could...