• [2018/06/22]
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  1. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Deployment Bonus % not counting right?

    Game version 4.3.0 iOS 13.5.1 iPhone 8 The Bonus % for the 16-hr Deployment says that you get +15% bonus for each matching fighter, and +15% bonus for each matching element. However, on today's Deployment, adding matching fighters who didn't match the element actually lowered the % chance. A...
  2. BallotBoxer

    The +1 Bonus Rumor

    People in the in-game chat are advising anyone who will listen to save their Jackpot relics and any relic they gather, claiming that any bulk collection of relics will trigger the +1 bonus boost benefit. They argue that somehow by collecting 10 and then opening 10, the last relic will have the...
  3. Bannou Neko

    Collection library of character& moves, reward system...etc

    I think about an easy way to check characters & moves & catalysts in the game. How many character/move/catalysts I unlock & lock, and quick check character animations and abilities (just like you click player checking profile, and you can see their fighter SA/MA). Library can also combine with...
  4. V

    Resolved I’m not getting the Daily Rewards

    Hi, I didn’t knew where else to post this but I’m not getting the Daily Login Rewards since April 22, I open my game normally and the New Daily Missions sre always there but the Login Rewards are not. I did not get any error code or screenshot or anything as my game runs perfectly but that’s the...
  5. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Add Catalyst Diversity bonus to Rift

    Defender Diversity bonus is a nice incentive to use a variety of characters on your Rift defense instead of a bunch of the same fighters. I think a similar bonus should be applied for Catalysts, so that we encourage people to use a variety of catalysts instead of all the same one.
  6. Wulfden

    Collection We should have a cumulative bonus too!

    Just what the topic says, I know peeps had their grievances about missing the Silver Lining Relic ( I know I have after missing one day!) I was thinking instead of having the login bonuses reset every month and thereby stoping us from getting certain rewards, we should do away with the reset...