• [2018/06/22]
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  1. L

    Bug - Normal my game has an internet connection problem

    my internet is great, but the game is saying that it is encountering problems in the connection and I already uninstalled and installed the game and it didn’t solve it, it’s a very annoying problem because it happened out of nowhere, I spent the day playing normal and now out of nowhere it happened
  2. J

    Bug - Crash Error

    El juego se cierra a veces al iniciar peleas y pierdo las rachas
  3. N

    Bug - Normal A bug with neuruomacer

    Every time I attack a fukua and they gain 3 or more stacks of masama neruomancer freezes in that animation. And you will can get out of it after a short time or you will get attacked. I have had this happen mostly in prize fights. Thank you for reading this. And sorry if I mispelled anything.
  4. A

    Bug - Normal I dont have my double in annyone team

    I want evolute muy double, but i have 4 silver double but my "monjerias" doesn't stay in a Team, i never use this! Only evolute please i check muy teams AND muy double doesn't stay in annyone
  5. P

    Bug - Normal Can't get into the game.

    In the most recent version of Skullgirls Mobile, every time I try to enter the app it starts with a black screen and after a second or two the app crashes and boots me to my phones home screen.
  6. X

    Other Problems with screen resolution

    So, I've been playing this game for a long time and it was fine. But when I changed my phone, the game's screen seems to be compressed and the areas of where I control the character also freaked out. My previous phone was Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, and now I have POCO F1. Anyone knows how to...
  7. L

    Bug - Normal My "Lotteink" account was banned

    Goodnight I would like to ask you about a problem that I had with my account today, since I do not use any apk or modified apk to play but I have the application downloaded from Googleplay but the surprise of today was that my account is disabled the user is "lotteink" I would like to know if...
  8. I

    Fights Is it possible?

    100k < 6268 ??
  9. N

    Bug - Normal Doom bug

    If use unlockable Valentine skill during the debuff Doom, Doom timer go down to - 228 and the debuff does not work.