• [2018/06/22]
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  1. LevilMania

    Bug - Normal No recibí mi recompensa de correo por un bug

    Cuando entre al juego me llegó un buzón de skullgirls por un mantenimiento y lo acepté y salió el “error de robo fortune” Y luego vi que ya lo había re recibido pero no me llego y cerré el juego y no salió nada.
  2. mintgutz

    Bug - Normal I got feathered edges right before the servers went down and now it’s gone

    So basically I got a feathered edges Fukua from a showtime relic right before the servers went down and after getting in the game again I noticed it’s not there anymore. The best part about this is that it still shows up on my catalog and all. Kinda sucks since that was my first good fukua tho...
  3. C

    Bug - Normal Rewards

    I lost my rewards due to a bug, i tried to claim and they were not given to me, when i restarted the game the rewards message was blanck
  4. T

    Bug - Normal Relic +1 bonus not working

    I bought Premiere relic pack of 10(+1 bonus), which states that there is 0% chance of getting bronze fighthers, but stil 6/10 was bronze
  5. W

    Resolved Doblelicioso bug

    En una partida normal en las peleas premiadas de diamante del personaje de Annie Use a doblelicioso Lo qué pasó fue que cuando el oponente me golpeó le transferí el ralentizar y el oponente quedó aturdido, pero lo qué pasó después es lo que me dejó loco El oponente comenzó a sufrir sobrecarga...
  6. M

    Bug - Normal Potential bug costing me a rift game

    I just played a Rift game and there was no change in the opponents health bar despite knowing that I made hits. In addition when I even killed one of their characters the health bar didn’t disappear. No buffs, debuffs or even a shield was shown as well on the opponent. I double checked my...
  7. Bug - Normal No sound

    I wanted to play Skullgirls today and when I opened the game, the game suddenly has no sound, I checked the volume of my smartphone and the volume of the game, I opened other apps and games but only Skullgirls has no sound, I've already uninstalled and installed but didn't work, help me please I...
  8. D

    Bug - Crash heavy crash with a bug with level and xp

    hello, since yesterday a bug its been ocurring in my account, every time i finish a match in PP or a normal story, the xp goes wild, even if i get 200 xp, all my characters appers to gain infinite xp, in the lvl appears an infinite number with them like -287598382375027503, as well with my...
  9. L

    Bug - Normal my game has an internet connection problem

    my internet is great, but the game is saying that it is encountering problems in the connection and I already uninstalled and installed the game and it didn’t solve it, it’s a very annoying problem because it happened out of nowhere, I spent the day playing normal and now out of nowhere it happened
  10. J

    Bug - Crash Error

    El juego se cierra a veces al iniciar peleas y pierdo las rachas
  11. N

    Bug - Normal A bug with neuruomacer

    Every time I attack a fukua and they gain 3 or more stacks of masama neruomancer freezes in that animation. And you will can get out of it after a short time or you will get attacked. I have had this happen mostly in prize fights. Thank you for reading this. And sorry if I mispelled anything.
  12. A

    Bug - Normal I dont have my double in annyone team

    I want evolute muy double, but i have 4 silver double but my "monjerias" doesn't stay in a Team, i never use this! Only evolute please i check muy teams AND muy double doesn't stay in annyone
  13. P

    Bug - Normal Can't get into the game.

    In the most recent version of Skullgirls Mobile, every time I try to enter the app it starts with a black screen and after a second or two the app crashes and boots me to my phones home screen.
  14. X

    Other Problems with screen resolution

    So, I've been playing this game for a long time and it was fine. But when I changed my phone, the game's screen seems to be compressed and the areas of where I control the character also freaked out. My previous phone was Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro, and now I have POCO F1. Anyone knows how to...
  15. L

    Bug - Normal My "Lotteink" account was banned

    Goodnight I would like to ask you about a problem that I had with my account today, since I do not use any apk or modified apk to play but I have the application downloaded from Googleplay but the surprise of today was that my account is disabled the user is "lotteink" I would like to know if...
  16. I

    Fights Is it possible?

    100k < 6268 ??
  17. N

    Bug - Normal Doom bug

    If use unlockable Valentine skill during the debuff Doom, Doom timer go down to - 228 and the debuff does not work.