• [2018/06/22]
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  1. B

    Bug - Normal Its a bug about painwheel bug trap's name

    I don't rly need to write anything u can understand from the pictures below
  2. Bug - Normal Take a break relic bug

    I opened relic when phone was changed from wifi to LTE. Now, i opened relic, game says you can't communicate with the server. ps. user id : 0b79-2gslo
  3. A

    Bug - Normal Login de retorno dando erro

    Alguém está tendo problemas com o login de retorno? Aqui só dá erro, já reinstalei e nada...
  4. H

    Other Bug can't point skills

    Beouf, you can't click skills through the skill tree, which shows that I have purchased them, but I haven't.
  5. M

    Bug - Normal Fighters clip behind Big Band

    I found a Glitch in Skullgirls. Basically, after Big Band dies, characters clip behind him. (Don’t mind the terrible play)
  6. NoiGS

    Fights Visual Bugs

    Hi, this last update has too much visual bugs, like when I defeat a character the inactive corp stay over the fighters, or the Eliza's shield appears behind her, or the hair drill of Filia makes her sprite over the actual drill I haven't seen any bug in functions or that, just in those visuals...
  7. Tart

    Bug - Normal Skill tree bug

    Time of video : 3am (GMT-3) I noticed some talents I had upgraded beforehand were "locked" away when I opened my Annie's skill tree. As the video shows, when I unlock a branch/gate (which I already had done before) with a key, every talent is already upgraded as they should. I show it happen...
  8. P

    why my rift rating is 1060 but I AM BRONZE4

    nah.In the last rift season just the one guy attack my base and at that time I have 1060 rift rating but I always is a silver3.That would be much better than now.and now I get 1060 rift rating but I even just a bronze4.I can see one have 1030 rift rating's guy is A GOLD3 WTH is these.I can't get...
  9. Trash_DarKa

    Bug - Normal Bug evolving a surgeon general

    Today I was evolve my surgeon general to diamond but for some reason isn't work and my resources Is was used evidence
  10. F

    Resolved purchase bug

    i spent 1000 rift coins on the diamond key in cabinet of curiosities,and i dont receive the key It happened about 15 minutes ago before I submitted this form. yestday i lost my diamond peacock fight prize,and now i lost two diamond keys in total because of the terrible server!
  11. K

    Bug - Normal Disappearing Diamond Key

    Due to the recent crashings and unstable connections within the servers, I have lost many things. I’d like to address to you about the lost diamond key of mine. I received the key from Diamond 3 rift reward and spent the key on Model Leader to upgrade her second attack stat tree. The key got...
  12. F

    Resolved reward lost bug

    yestoday the game have experienced three times of maintenance,i login the game and receive the mail about diamond peacock prize figjt rewards,and then the game start second maintenance immediately,and now i login the game ,i find i didnt get any reward especially the diamond key and the...
  13. ErzaOmega

    Bug - Normal Does not let play

    El juego entra normal pero los niveles aparecen en blanco y no te deja jugar nada. Adjunto evidencia.
  14. B

    Resolved Match challenges star bug

    Name: brahimhm Id: 2oap-317ma So the day before this i log in my sgm account and found out mystiriously that i did the inflict 30debuff challenge in ancient women master vs water peacock And when i got to the accourled i find that i still miss the star of that challange so i would like to from...
  15. Narmac928

    Bug - Normal Sacrificial fighter still visible in the collection.

    Today in the morning I sacrificed a fighter that I didn't use and when I sacrificed him I kept seeing him in my collection list and when I went to fight and it came up to select my fighters, the fighter was still there as if I had never sacrificed him.
  16. K

    Bug - Crash Bug Prize Fight

    Invisible characters and there was no fight. Did i lose for nothing?
  17. I

    Characters missing characters

    my 5 golden valentines and 3 essences disappeared, they disappeared when trying to diamond valentine's death for joy, wrote in support, will they be able to return my valentine golds and essences?
  18. Guturax

    Bug - Normal Problems with the calendar

    Hi I have a little problem with English, but I hope I can convey the essence of the problem.The fact is that when you press the calendar button, the game does not react to it for a while, but then opens the calendar several times and gives rewards as many times as you pressed the calendar...
  19. E

    Bug - Normal Bewolf's THROW problem with Hype mode on

    Hello, The Beowulf's hype mode is giving trouble when THROW, opponents are breaking it with hype mode active sometimes; It's not always, but it happens a lot.
  20. K

    6/10 gold persons, but...