• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Timtims

    Bug - Normal Blockbusters and all-black character palettes.

    Hello, since last update yesterday many characters and blockbusters in the app are all in black (Especially blockbusters.) which makes it very difficult to fight and all that. I guess it's just a bug, a very annoying one.
  2. A

    Other Progress Saving and Loading Issue

    Please help, my account was linked to my gmail and by using the same gmail, my progress should be saved but no, I'm back at level 2 again when I'm supposed to be in so far already! What's going on, I am using a new phone and I can't access my old phone anymore if that's part of the solution...
  3. M

    Other StoreError

    Bem, hoje eu resolvi comprar o Pacote Ascenção que estava com 90% de desconto, custando R$54,90. Porém não ia! Eu coloquei o e-mail e a senha certos porém dava erro no jogo. Primeiro apareceu que era um erro de informação do servidor, e, depois, apareceu: "Código de Erro: StoreError". Estou...
  4. K

    Bug - Normal BUG EN BRECHAS

    Holaa, me encontraba jugando brechas y la primera batalla que hice fue contra beowulf, le terminé ganando y hasta ahí todo bien. Pero no me contó la victoria y tuve que volver a hacer la pelea. La volví a ganar y esa si me la contó, me fui a checar el historial de luchas contra el y me sale con...
  5. K

    Fights don't start the fight

    this is already the third time that the game simply does not allow me to start a fight and causes a defeat, my internet is not oscillating.
  6. forestgoblin

    Bug - Normal Parallel Realms Frozen Progress Bug

    I was trying to continue playing in Parallel Realms when I see it became frozen, and the progress marker was in a wrong place. I left my gameplay right at the beginning of area 2, but the marker is way ahead, also the nodes are all blocked and I can't play. It's the first time I...
  7. RodirKW

    Bug - Normal Desvinculación de cuenta.

    Hola, siento mucho las molestias. Llevo días intentando desvincular mi perfil de Skullgirls de mis cuentas de Google y Facebook pero a pesar de seguir los pasos correspondientes, cuando entro al juego siguen apareciendo como vinculadas. ¿Hay alguna forma en que puedan ayudarme a desvincular...
  8. H

    Timeless Hero Prestige Oversight

    Not quite sure where to put this since is my first post. But today I came across quite the interesting oversight. Annie prestige charges with the expense of star meter however timeless hero’s ability allows it to use star power infinitely without the meter draining so if Annie procs the ability...
  9. Z

    Collection Mission control

    Everything is alright
  10. Erick Draves

    Bug - Normal Death Wish SA2 activates regardles perma precision (Solved)

    ( @Eray explained this misunderstanding, Thanks!!) Both of Filia's BB3 moves ends with a throw hit, so can't get a presion kill. There is an exception though, if you use Blowout in the corner and opponent dies with wall hit it's still possible to do that. PF: FIREWORKS SHOW Variants Used...
  11. B

    Bug - Normal Annie—Model Leader Visuals Glitches—SGM

    I noticed this bug while playing PFs, and I thought maybe it had been either my graphic settings or something, but the ocean textures on Annie’s sword and moves were showing up on the gallery and the training modes. Idk if it’s just the PFS specifically or ??? It also managed to somewhat fix...
  12. xka. mix

    Bug - Normal I had a bug with the new mode

    I haved an issue with the new mod, Today I was playón the new mode with the difficulty namely "master", and at the last stage the final battle simply disappeared, which is why I can not pass this difficulty 100%
  13. L

    Bug - Normal Umbrella exploit 3 hits

    you can do a infinite 3 hits combo with umbrella the problem is that this leaves you without a shield and ruins the game experience for the opponent bug video bug in another mode @evilgordo
  14. T

    Bug - Normal bug of corrosive agent vs myst-match

    when i was fighting in holodeck hazards i was matched against a myst-match and because she is water element same as corrosive agent she gets barriers, but the problem is when i got 5 barriers as corrosive agent every time i did an unblockable shot she gains 3 barriers idk if having prestige...
  15. l1nzot

    Bug - Normal about- bug with update curiosity shops

    о updated the curiosity shop for 50 theonite, theonite disappeared and the shop was not updated, all goods are old. This is the first time I've come across this.
  16. BB_Edurardo

    Permanent Curse and 3 Stacks Bug

    There's a bug that I would receive a permanent curse and 3 stack power surge even though it is not part of the challenge in Prize Fights and Rift Battles. After I defeated an opponent, I would receive another stacks of Power Surge. This is the unfair and this is the reason why I lost a lot of...
  17. Other bug!!图片显示错误,显示成黑色

    手机是三星galaxy s20FE
  18. B

    Bug - Normal The Space case has a bug

    As the title says.When space defeats an opponent, it only gets a bunch of buffs determined by the opponent's elements instead of three.
  19. M

    Bug - Normal Relic bug

    Ingame username: MxtrWasTaken Ingame id: 39k5-b664z Phone: Huawei Y7 2019 Hello, I will tell you how I stumbled into this glitch while trying to buy a Premiere relic (11 characters), I was in the relic store and I had an thought "Hm.. I need to buy 11 relics so i could buy them and then when I...
  20. A

    Bug - Normal Curioso bug de monjerias (double) vs agente corrosiva (black dahlia)

    Jugaba en brechas y solo paso una vez; fue yo eleji a monjerias de 900 vs la agente de 2300, durante la batalla paso que mi oponente uso el blockbuster felpudo, quedo congelado la batalla despues del primer golpe del blockbuster: double quedo en aire, el tiempo congelado al igual que los...