• [2018/06/22]
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  1. T

    Bug - Normal Visual error in blockbuster

    The squigly ability "Dragon Furua" has a texture error when attacking, the dragon looks without texture
  2. Bug - Crash This is already unbearable

    I can't complete 10 sequences the game keeps freezing all the time
  3. R

    Bug - Normal The problem of reflection

    After the 6.2 update, Painwheelbegan to show severe glitches while using her weapons. Also, these glitches occur during the firing of one of the blockbusters.
  4. C

    Bug - Normal Curse acts like hex

    I was playing as death wish, got cursed by a squiggly shorukken, and then got killed by normal attacks. Upon death, I didn't revive or revive teammates. I don't remember exactly which squiggly I was fighting, but getting cursed shouldn't stop my SA
  5. C

    Bug - Normal Heart of darkness SA didn't work

    I was fighting the squiggly that gain unflinching after facing the same opponent for a while. I was heart of darkness. I used my SA by matching her type (light). The SA said it triggered but squiggly never got hex and I never got permanent unflinching. I paused to make sure it worked and under...
  6. S

    Bug - Normal Please i need help

    I purchased the backstage pass and it's been 40 minutes since Google Play confirmed the payment and everything went fine but the game keeps telling me to wait to confirm and it's already paid Do I need to wait longer or ask for a refund?
  7. T

    Bug - Normal Can't login using facebook

    Since 24/02/2024 i have an issue to login using Facebook, tried reinstalling the game, reinstalling Facebook and also tried other devices. My account is only linked to Facebook, so i can't play the game at all.
  8. fragrancedsprite

    Resolved Controls glitching/not working properly

    sometimes when im playing skullgirls, the controls glitch. for example, i swipe to the opponent but instead of the slide it tries to do the throw, and if i try to press a blockbuster it thinks im blocking constantly. another example of this is that i try to launch the opponent into the air and...
  9. V

    Bug - Normal Got the evidencie of this bug

    Here is the context: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/bug.21370/#post-6343
  10. C

    Resolved Heartless doesn't inflict all debuffs

    Several times now, Heartless Marie only inflicts 1 or 2 of the 3 expected debuffs, hex, quietus, and heavy bleed, when the last fighter jumps in. There doesn't seem to be any reason for it (no other SA or MA that converts the debuffs) and which one(s) is(are) missing isn't consistent. I've...
  11. Landine

    Bug - Normal Fur Monger Signature causes 0 damage for shots- Hex fixes this

    Phone- Moto G Stylus 2022 (Android 12) Scenario- Any situation. Even replicable in training. No special setup required, seems it's just a value that needs tweaking. I recently invested in her (unlocked the final node to her tree earlier today)- restarted the game and it didn't seem to fix it. I...
  12. A

    Bug - Normal I can't Enter to the store.

    Hello,iv had this issue for a while now. Each time i try to get to the store it dosent load,it just keeps charging till i have to get offline and then back at the Game. it's really traublesom. Any solution? It's not My internet,already checked that
  13. cloverwulf

    Bug - Crash kinda unfair crash bug

    I played parallel realms master (I play on Galaxy A03 Core) and before entering the match the game crashed. this happens pretty often and I thought it wouldn't do anything until I entered the realms and realised that they registered it as if I quit and killed my fighters. (I tried uploading a...
  14. Grim_str

    Bug - Normal Gust buster’s second signature ability won’t work

    I’ve unlocked both her signature abilities but her second SA does not work whenever I do charge attacks her buffs and debuffs stay the same and doesn’t convert to any barrier, miasma or enrage I swear I thought I was imagining things or if I was doing something wrong, but after I watched her...
  15. X

    Bug - Normal Sound and Music Cutting off

    I haven't tampered with the settings of sound in the game but it's always cutting off and rn no sound not playing everytime I'm in a match and idky. The sound helps me fight in the game and no sound drives me insane
  16. ElVector17

    Resolved Visual Bug when upgrading The Skill tree

    This happen sometimes and i don't know for what. When happens, just get "stuck" The sign in The screen, and only can get it out, when i quit The app (Is not annoying, just weird) PS: sorry The Bad English, i speak spanish
  17. C

    Bug - Normal Rift Battle Matchmaking Busted

    Device: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Android 13, U.I. 5.1 I finished a rift run and my next opponents loaded. Despite me only doing 1 run this season and being level 51, my opponents I was matched with are all level 70. I used a free refresh to reveal two more 70's and a 69. I am nowhere near the...
  18. D

    Other Piercing and defense aren't working as intended

    I was told to make a post here, even though this is a bug by conventional nomenclature. Referencing: https://forum.skullgirlsmobile.com/threads/official-4-0-2-update-notes-available-now.15980/ (sub-stat changes section) Quoting the Piercing description: "If your opponent has 50% DEFENSE, but...
  19. S

    Bug - Normal bug en partida

    el bug se produjo al momento en que releve a valentine con filia y el oponente relevo su peacock con annie, el movimiento de entrada de annie provoco que mi filia saliera de la pantalla hasta que se termino el tiempo de el juego.(tampoco me era posible relevar a mis demás personajes)
  20. A

    Bug - Normal Bug in Parallel Realms

    It happened to me today and 3 days ago, with this time, it's been happening to me 2 times. I was playing calmly, I defeated a team and after that I couldn't advance anymore and the game stayed there with the only option to get out, in the end if I get out the game is lost. Excuse my English...