• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Z

    Bug - Normal Problema con la Tienda

    Desde la actualización de Marie 6.0, la tienda no me quiere abrir, a un amigo también le pasó y a varias personas de grupos de skullgirl de Facebook también. Desde hace una semana no he podido reclamar las recompensas de la tienda. El problema se presenta así: Cuando entro al juego y toco para...
  2. Akhilzito

    Bug - Normal Lost diamond shards from Dahlia's Prize fight

    Hi, so, today i got inner pieces from a gold gift, and got do 88% at my diamond relic, but when I got psychomander on the new gold dahlia Prize fight, it didn't go up, it still got 88%, can you guys fix it? My user is Akhilzito and here are proofs!
  3. A

    Bug - Normal Árbol de habilidades

    Yesterday I evolved Cerebella-Harlequin to diamond and at the same time I unlocked her skill tree along with her prestige, first I evolved the variant and then I started with the tree, I even did some fights in Holomesa to level her up a bit and today I enter the game and see The...
  4. Salmonid

    Bug - Normal Unable to attack bug

    My first post here, sorry if it doesn’t embed. The video is of a glitch I encountered in which I could not attack at all for some reason. You can see in the video I tap a few buttons and tag ins, even turn on auto fight, but nothing happens except blocking (which worked as normal). This was...
  5. Sugar_Danny_13

    Bug - Normal Bug de Subir de nivel a personajes

    Hola a todos espero que estén teniendo un gran día Encontré este error hace unos días, así que les pregunté a mis amigos si tenían el mismo problema y me dijeron que no y que era extraño. Entonces, el problema con este error es cuando subo de nivel a mis variantes, a veces no funciona y no los...
  6. D

    Bug - Normal Não consigo evoluir minha Ms. Fortune

    Tá acontecendo um bug bizarro comigo, eu fui evoluir minha Ms. Fortune para prata, mas aparece um erro de comunicação com o servidor. E eu já desinstalei o jogo e instalei denovo. E o mais bizarro é que só ocorre com a Ms. Fortune, eu consegui evoluir meu Big Band para prata, queria saber como...
  7. C

    Bug - Crash I lost 5000 theonites

    Hello! Today, few minutes ago, I bought Jackpot Annie relics for 5000 theonites (keep in mind that collected them WHOLE YEAR). When i bought these relics, my game crashed, i came back... I didnt have 5000 theo. Cool. But didnt have any jackpots. NOT COOL. I even reinstalled game but it did...
  8. K

    Bug - Normal I bought teonite, and the game didn't give it to me

    I bought $19.99 of teonite, and the game said than the payment was not processed, and I can't sign in
  9. Art3mes

    Bug - Normal No health bar

    That's what happens when you load up the game very early in the morning. The HP% indicator disappeared completely. However it got restored to normal on the next match.
  10. I

    Bug - Normal Block issue

    I've never had a very annoying bug in this game. But today my character won't block. Yes I used two fingers and yes, both fingers tapped at the same time. Instead of blocking the fighter will just charged attack. I lost my prize fight streak because of this and I don't have much theonite on me...
  11. Q

    Bug - Normal Accolades for gold fighter collection seems to not record correctly

    As you can see, the counter on the accolades says i have 8 gold characters when in actuality i have 10 unique gold characters (The collection above was sorted to only golds, from most recent to the oldest). i first noticed the bug when i got opened a gold relic and a premiere relic to get That's...
  12. Qrron

    Bug - Normal Only 2 defense fighter slots in medici crime spree. Also won’t let me play

    I was planning to post images but I do not know how. Can anyone help?
  13. Jocemigue

    Bug - Normal Lost of streak of price fights

    I have a huawei p20 lite When I win a price fight the loading screen (that with the little bomb walking) takes a long time to load and then the screen goes black without show the experience or any Stat and then count the fight as lost, I lost 7 streaks today, This is getting too annoying, since...
  14. NiPlUs

    Bug - Normal Bug in rift battles

    Found a bug in rift battles. When I was trained in how to create a base, I decided to go out after the dialogue and create a base later. Now when I go into rift battles, they offer me to create a base, but the "my base" button is not pressed and only the "back" and "claim" buttons work.
  15. J


    The game always has been very slow in my phone Samsung J6+ android 9 and I reinstalled the game and this happen, now I can't fight and there's a LOT of lag, I'm very sad because I was level 30 but now I can't fight.
  16. Janis7u7

    Bug - Normal I can't watch announcements

    I can't watch announcements since yesterday, I reinstall the game and the issue still in. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A30 and Android 10
  17. U

    Bug - Normal Stand Out Eliza not able to prevent some buffs.

    The following is footage of a bug a few other players in the Skullgirls Mobile Discord found. Players reported that Eliza's diamond Stand Out variant was not able to prevent Squiggly's Dead Alive Marquee Ability final stand buff nor Surgeon General's Immunity and Heavy Regen every 30 seconds. My...
  18. Tsukiakari

    Bug - Crash Game crash between game mode

    Device: Apple Iphone 6 OS: iOS 12.1. When I switch between game mode, the game crash, not right away, but more likely from prize fight to story mode, more specificly it is Master Peacock origin, the game crash at the moment the "Master" text show up. When switch from story to prize fight, it...
  19. Lady Of Slaughter

    Bug - Normal Rift battles bug

    Hello everyone, An unusual bug just happened to me in the rift battle today. I started playing on January 11 at 22:00 (not sure of this hour). I found the opponent without more difficulties and beat all his fighters, just as he also beat mine. However, in the last fight, my victory was not...
  20. Paola Guzman

    Bug - Normal Gold Gift disappears

    Good morning, today i had 50 pink Gifts and I claimed from the mail my 5 gold gifts but I didn’t received anything and I just send 4 pink gift for my friends ☹️ Here it’s a capture...