• [2018/06/22]
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color palettes

  1. skvllgirlz

    Annie Color Palette Ideas

    YEEHAW ANNIE'S COMING! And we are all excited! You know what else is exciting? Color palettes (or well... to me they are) I made an outline of Annie's idle sprite using a screenshot I took from her trailer video to make color palettes out of. The PNG version can be used on any art software, and...
  2. BallotBoxer

    What are these new Switch palettes?

    Calling all color connoisseurs! When Skullgirls was ported to the Nintendo Switch late last year, two new palettes were given to each character, boosting their total from 25 to 27 (except Big Band who already had that #26 Star Platinum). Most are guessed, but some are a mystery! The fantastic...
  3. TChallaMama

    Other New Color Pallete Ideas

    I got a few. Here comes a short list! All Might Beowulf (Both guys with a lot of strength) Soundwave Robo-Fortune (both listen to their creators or leaders pretty well) Iida Tenya Big Band (both have boosters on their feet) Izuku Midoryia Painwheel (both end up in pain due to their powers) Sari...
  4. TonyPartridge30

    Characters [EDIT] Please lock, I was wrong, disregard.

    It's weird, because for every other Filia, all her hair attacks at the same color as her hair. But with Class Cutter, using Drill Tempered, her attack is the color of her socks, not her hair. It's a weird little inconsistency. I feel like this attack's color (i.e. the color of the drill) should...
  5. cappatacus

    Character Palettes

    I know I've seen somewhere that the production cost of a single character is roughly $100,000, if I'm remembering correctly. I was wondering if it's much to the devs to create a new palette - one not from the original game. I really don't have a reason for wanting this much more than wanting a...