• [2018/06/22]
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  1. B

    Bug - Crash Lvl up problem

    After the first game my lvl is canceled. To restore the lvl you need to re-enter the game so every time .
  2. B

    Bug - Crash Проблема с уровнем

    Проблема состоит вот в чем, когда заходишь в игру стоит настоящий уровень, после одного боя уровень аннулируется до 0 уровня и приходится перезаходить в игру.
  3. D

    Bug - Crash heavy crash with a bug with level and xp

    hello, since yesterday a bug its been ocurring in my account, every time i finish a match in PP or a normal story, the xp goes wild, even if i get 200 xp, all my characters appers to gain infinite xp, in the lvl appears an infinite number with them like -287598382375027503, as well with my...
  4. Brother Null

    Bug - Crash Crash on swipe

    Dev team, I have noticed that my iPad Air (first gen) running iOS 12.0 has a problem with app crashes. I go to a Prize Fight, I pick one out. I click on TEAM, and start to swipe through the available characters. I stare blankly at my desktop wallpaper for a moment, then I restart the app. I...