• [2018/06/22]
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daily login bonus

  1. A

    Bug - Normal Beware! Bug in daily bonus

    If you are logged in when the daily rewards timer resets, you may not receive your reward. This has happened to me at least two times. Steps to reproduce: 1.- Play before the daily rewards timer resets. 2.- Open the daily rewards screen manually from main menu. 3.- It will mark the reward as...
  2. Hall☆weenQueen

    Bug - Normal Daily Log In Error

    Hopefully this issue is affecting just me, but when I opened the game this morning it didn't load correctly and it kept saying there was an issue with the servers as the daily log in screen was popping up several times and it did not give me my reward for today. I tried reloading the game...
  3. V

    Resolved I’m not getting the Daily Rewards

    Hi, I didn’t knew where else to post this but I’m not getting the Daily Login Rewards since April 22, I open my game normally and the New Daily Missions sre always there but the Login Rewards are not. I did not get any error code or screenshot or anything as my game runs perfectly but that’s the...
  4. V

    Bug - Normal Daily login Bonus issue

    I started play the game a week ago but since yesterday I no longer get the daily log in reward (I only get the daily mission) Help please
  5. Wulfden

    Collection We should have a cumulative bonus too!

    Just what the topic says, I know peeps had their grievances about missing the Silver Lining Relic ( I know I have after missing one day!) I was thinking instead of having the login bonuses reset every month and thereby stoping us from getting certain rewards, we should do away with the reset...
  6. S

    Daily login bonus

    Yesterday was the second day of my 10k gold rewards on the daily login. I was really looking forward to getting the big final reward of a random silver or gold fighter. This morning I jumped on the app like a kid on Christmas morning "today is finally the day" I tell myself as I poke the...