• [2018/06/22]
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dark element

  1. LordDumbassIII

    Characters Element Penalty for Dark and Light

    When it comes to Dark and Light characters, since they can never really be at a complete disadvantage, Element Penalty buffs on moves are useless to them. Though you could switch out a move, it is confusing to have a single buff that only specific types can use as if the buff was designed like a...
  2. BallotBoxer

    "Moonstruck" - Strategy & Discussion

    MOONSTRUCK ANNIE Element: Dark Variant: Gold Palette: Sailor Moon, Sagan = Luna First Appearance: 4.4 (fourth quarter of 2020) Twitter Demo: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1313980059724713992 Signature Ability TOTAL ECLIPSE Inflict WITHER for 10 seconds and gain 15% STAR POWER meter when...
  3. BallotBoxer

    "Ninja Star" - Strategy & Discussion

    NINJA STAR ANNIE Element: Dark Variant: Silver Palette: Shinobu (real name: Scarlet Jacobs) from the No More Heroes series First Appearance: 4.4 (fourth quarter of 2020) Twitter Demo: https://twitter.com/sgmobile/status/1311844660814516224 Signature Ability SONIC SWORD 100% chance when hitting...