• [2018/06/22]
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dark might

  1. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Please make Dark Might a "useful" Hero

    Dark Might's SA2 can be fixed with: Tier 3 Blockbusters have a 35% chance to instantly defeat opponents with less than 50% health. Currently, both of his SAs aren't good for Rift. SA1 needs his allies to die and SA2 needs his HP be lowered, which will lower the Rift attempt Score and also a...
  2. StrongestAntiMETA

    Characters Dark Might needs Rework

    Dark Might's SA2 needs rework for him to be better in RIFT and PF. Especially now that we will have new Fukuas and that ShadowPuppet needs some hard counter, I mean she deserves insta-death. LOL From: TIER 3 BLOCKBUSTERS have a 15%/25%/35% chance to instantly defeat opponents if Beowulf has...