• [2018/06/22]
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  1. educavalcantee

    Bug - Normal Cerebella master daily wrong EXP gain

    Just happened: Fought the first node of Cerebella master daily (2 BF Bellas, 14k FS) and the exp that I received didn't match the level of the challenge. Edit: OTOH, the next 3 fighter node (upper side) gave way more exp than usual.
  2. Randomperson11

    Story Removal of experience gain penalty

    I feel that the experience gain penalty on completed stages should be removed, I have mostly bronze fighters and a single silver fighter, I'm stuck on the story mode on BASIC and I cannot progress, my characters are just too under-levelled, and I can't level them up from fighting at all! I can't...
  3. fatfursatan

    Other Daily Events for Gaining Experience & Gold

    The loading screen tips recommend using Prize Fight to grind. However, as the difficulty steadily increases, it's actually a TERRIBLE place to grind up low-level fighters. Many mobile games have once-a-day/high-energy daily events for gaining experience through drops of unusable/bad characters...