• [2018/06/22]
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  1. BallotBoxer

    Invisible Shiny Experience Points

    It was Parasoul's birthday and I believe opening character relics 4x at a time causes a luck boost Oh no, the only thing being boosted here is my confirmation bias 😲 Anyway, this thread's focus is on invisible (?), SHINY experience points. As we all know, SHINY fighters were introduced in...
  2. You cant beat D

    Fights 4.7 Update holodeck thoughts and wishes

    Upon first hearing the holodeck changes I was shocked, there was a period of pre-emptive disappointment, but overtime, I put myself into an open mindset, and had agreed to hold my critics until a week or so after the update. All this time later and what do I have to say as an experienced player...
  3. CyborgN00dle

    Other Experience Bar

    My suggestion is to have a bar or something that shows the experience your character has, because every time i need to choose my characters I have to enter in the character status one by one just to see if he will levels up after the fight, is not a big issue but I think it will help a lot!!
  4. rexturtle1120

    (4.3) Deployments Discussion

    Hey Hey! Skullgirls mobile’s official twitter account has teased at what deployments will look like. It appears that deployments are groups of up to 3 fighters that you can send out for say, 15 minutes, to go on missions. After the mission is over the fighters will come back with rewards! That’s...
  5. educavalcantee

    Bug - Normal Cerebella master daily wrong EXP gain

    Just happened: Fought the first node of Cerebella master daily (2 BF Bellas, 14k FS) and the exp that I received didn't match the level of the challenge. Edit: OTOH, the next 3 fighter node (upper side) gave way more exp than usual.
  6. S

    Characters Can you spill EXP gained by max lvl fighters to the rest of the team?

    Example: Three teams have a similar (or equal) total FS. Team A has no fighters with max level. Team B has one max level fighter. Team C has two max level fighters. I win a fight against team D with each of three teams. Scenario 1: In team A each fighter gets X exp. Normal scenario 2: In team...
  7. Blastze

    Bug - Normal Level up Glitch

    I've been encountering a level up glitch while playing in all game modes, whether it be Prize Fights, Daily Events or Story Mode. If any character receives sufficient experience to level up more than once in one fight. (Ex. Level 1 fighter goes up to level 7 in one match). The game will not...
  8. Randomperson11

    Story Removal of experience gain penalty

    I feel that the experience gain penalty on completed stages should be removed, I have mostly bronze fighters and a single silver fighter, I'm stuck on the story mode on BASIC and I cannot progress, my characters are just too under-levelled, and I can't level them up from fighting at all! I can't...
  9. fatfursatan

    Other Daily Events for Gaining Experience & Gold

    The loading screen tips recommend using Prize Fight to grind. However, as the difficulty steadily increases, it's actually a TERRIBLE place to grind up low-level fighters. Many mobile games have once-a-day/high-energy daily events for gaining experience through drops of unusable/bad characters...