• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Adhanjoe

    Bug - Normal Cannot evolve fighters

    Hello I'm having a problem with one o my fighters 'tomb & gloom' i reach at the max level and i cant evolve him ,show a error 5.DSE.1
  2. BallotBoxer

    The SHINY Siren Song

    (excellent artwork taken from Skullgirls Mobile twitter, here and here, probably done by @Sairus ) For those with a lightning-strike level of luck who got a SHINY, I'm curious about what you did with it. Did you instantly jump to shiny transfer to reap in a ton of bonus XP to super-boost a...
  3. D

    Characters Blood Drive & Raw Nerv

    I think both painwheel need a litle buff. Blood Drive: Signature Ability 1 10% chance (instead of 5) on HIT to inflict BLEED on self and on opponent for 5/7/10 seconds (inflict a normal bleed for both figthers) Signature Ability 2 Gain 3/4/5 stacks of permanent ENRAGE when having 5 stacks of...
  4. Scorialimit

    What makes a fighter good: a general guide

    Disclaimer: This guide is not the end all, be all say in who you should invest in. It is merely advice on how to see who is a strong fighter. I also do not claim to be the best advocate for this; it is just a resource that hasn't been available up until now. If you want a tl;dr, just read...