• [2018/06/22]
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  1. J8khero

    [OFF TOPIC] How to start a Fight 101

    PEACOCK IS BEST GIRL [Runs Away ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ]
  2. J8khero

    Eliza Relics are out! Share what you got on them!

    Eliza Relics are finally out in the new update! Show us what you get on your rolls, either if you did 1 roll or 10 + 1 rolls, post it here and make sure you attach it with a picture! For me, on my first roll I got a Bloody Valentine Eliza which is 1 of the 3 new Eliza so that's cool! Hope to...
  3. F

    Collection Locking moves and fighters

    So, a problem I've had two times now is accidentally selling gold level moves. Sadly, for such an amazing game some very core issues are here. There is no "lock" system for ensuring that prided fighters and moves aren't accidentally sold. Additionally, the interface for the moves has a problem...
  4. iHuy

    Moves and Fighters Limit Question

    Hello! Confession time: I'm a hoarder in video games and love to collect and keep things around (even bronze stuffs). I'm nearing the max amount of moves (292/300) and was wondering what happens when you hit 300. Just a bit paranoid in case after the limit, the new obtained...