• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Attacking Right After Opponent Stops Blocking or Breaks my Throw

    I am mostly a defensive player, so I am always blocking at the start, but I usually end up getting comfortable with the opponent I am fighting and either win easily or lose massively. I have developed two strategies to avoid the latter: 1. If the opponent breaks my Throw, I try to use a special...
  2. Papyrus1910

    What do you think about BB3s at the current moment?

    It sure is much less frustrating than what it was in 2.5. Still, I still find this system a bit annoying, especially when fighting against opponents 2 or 3 times stronger than you, with a high AI difficulty. Most of the time I find myself blocking their hits, and once they've landed one, just...
  3. Zuzuska

    Fights Combining Dailies

    I was chatting in the SGM app and someone named Colt inspired an awesome idea that I thought had to be shared. Perhaps in the future, combined dailies would be possible as their own event? For example: Filia's daily - Bleed procs + Squigly's Daily - Doom at 50% enemy health...
  4. Dr Wang

    Other Total mayhem prize fight

    Is it possible that there could be a prize fight that BB can charge up really fast and SM could have no cool down? And the prizes are exp or other stuff, the problems with this that some characters would be to over powered with their move set.
  5. Oh my Ned!

    Bug - Normal Prize fights

    After the fights in prize fights does not apply the points multiplier, someone else happens ???
  6. Black Egret#13

    Fights The modifier/signature ability suggestion thread

    This thread is for suggestions on abilities and modifiersfor future characters, daily events, and prize fights. Let me start. 10% chance on hit to take all the opponents positive combat effects, and apply them to yourself. 10% chance on hit to apply all your negative combat effects to the...