• [2018/06/22]
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  1. X

    Bug - Normal Gifting friends

    Everytime I send a gift or receive any my whole system (the game) freezes and can't catch itself and gotta start over the whole thing
  2. Ajax Medici

    Other Suggestion

    To be able to give or exchange fighters, relics or canopies to our added friends
  3. N

    Other Friend sorting via gifts

    It’d neat and a great qol improvement if we have an option to sort friends where those who have sent the user a gift for the day will be at the top. It saves a bit of time (which eventually adds up) scrolling through the buddy list to find who to return gifts to. Edit: I would also like to ask...
  4. Rudølf

    Other New Social Hub Features

    Hello! One thing I'm glad for in SGM is having the social hub implemented. It just has so much potential. I'm here to put out some ideas. • Private chats Okay, this is nothing uncommon. Everyone's been talking about it ever since the social hub became a thing. Personally, I'm not much in favor...
  5. fanghoul

    Let's Be Friends!

    Whelp, now there's a friends function in the game! I think I might try and make a list of forum people here who might want to be friends in game. Here's a list of people so far, organized in alphabetical order by forum user name. Who else is part of the Forum Crew?
  6. BallotBoxer

    Social Hub Speculation

    Coming soon to 4.1 (currently we are at 4.0.2), the Social Hub! FRIEND LIST From the screenshot, it appears you can have at least 4 friends, but I wonder if there is a list limit? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! There are two types of gifts: gold and pink. In a game where collection is largely built on...
  7. Erick Draves

    Fights Coop mode! save the world!

    Many players have a complain about rift battles, so why don't you think about something in what two players, instead of compete, they had to help each other?: Like a colliseum full of chars... -Rift is really complicated to maintain, but we really have our hope in it because we know we can make...
  8. You cant beat D

    Other Friend and guild concepts

    i was curious as to what friend and guild systems would work like in this game, so i made a few concepts, with Some Conceptual photos to boot. Starting with guilds, i'd personally go the route of the guild skill tree, guilds have levels and the leader and sub leaders/second in commands can...