• [2018/06/22]
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Let's Be Friends!


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Mar 13, 2018
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Whelp, now there's a friends function in the game! I think I might try and make a list of forum people here who might want to be friends in game.

Here's a list of people so far, organized in alphabetical order by forum user name.

Forum User Name +++ In Game User Name

BallotBoxer +++ Saikyo Mantis
cappatacus +++ cappatacus
Dark_Knight +++ Dark_Knight
Disasterrr19 +++ Disasterrr19
Edi +++ Edialex
fanghoul +++ fanghoul
FriendlyWolf +++ Wolf
Hall☆weenQueen +++ Hall☆weenQueen
Irghen +++ Irghen
jamar +++ JVMVRVR
Lililira +++ Lililira
Lunix Vandal +++ LunixVandal
Man In Ham +++ Man Ln Ham
Pit Frango +++ Pit Frango
Prof. Rokferbranes +++ Prof. Rokferbranes
Ryouhi +++ Ryouhi
Reshiram18 +++ Reshiram18
TasiaChaan +++ TasiaChaan
TonyPartridge30 +++ TonyPartridge30
Tyler. the Yandere +++ Tyler. the Yandere
Veeko +++ Veeko
ZeoW +++ ZeoW

Who else is part of the Forum Crew?
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Hey there! If anyone wants to friend me. My user name in the game is Wolf. Nice to meet you all!
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Heyo, folks! I'm relatively new to both the game and the forums, but I'm active on a daily basis if anyone wants to exchange gifts and such. My username in the game is Lililira , same as it is here.
My username is always the same as my account, twitter, etc.

Nice to meet you!

I've already been hit with a ton of friend requests from my YT viewerbase, but for any forum user who wants to try their luck at getting onto my friend list my SGM IGN is Reshiram18
Can't add you, already full... TT.TT
Disasterrr19 here and in-game. Long-time player, no skill, stupid suggestions and reasonings here and in game chat. Add me if you dare!
I can't be very active for the next week or so but feel free to add me. The username is the same on both platforms, you'll know it when you see Primed :p
My SG ID is the same as my forum username. Rusty is my avatar.

Generally, will send the same gifts that I receive (give me gold and I'll send you another gold). Will grind for them if I have to!
i'm new to the forums but i've been playing for a looong time and i would like to post my username here so people can add me too!
my username in the game is Edialex feel free to add me :D
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ID: Saikyo Mantis
thanks fanghoul!

Oh my, this gift giving is giving me a complex. I have a tower of pink gifts and I've received so many generous gold gifts. This need to reciprocate has me burning through dailies (where are you finding your gifts?) hoping luck will cooperate.

My plan: get everyone on the list a gold gift while in the meantime shipping out my mountain of pink gifts. Once everyone gets one, repeat ad infinitum.
Can't add you, already full... TT.TT
I'm curious what's the friend list limit. I got everyone in this thread added/requested

I wish there was a way to show give history. So far I can remember (because I've had so few gold to give!), but it would be nice to keep track.

Speaking of tracking, so far my treasures have been canopy coins, theonite, energy capsules, and a few premiere relics. No exclusive Eliza yet! (report in if you get her!)
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I heard from chat that the friend list caps at 50. And you can only delete 5 friends per day (to avoid gift abuse).

Treasures are really nice. Loving the contents so much. Even premiere relics are nice for fodder.
I'm sorta surprised that I've already gotten two 4 hour double XP boosts. The rift coins have also been nice, and seem to be available through pink presents. Overall, it seems like a nice boost in the resources available in the game.

I have not been shy about giving people stuff, and still have 23 presents sitting around.
I showed you my friendcode please respond... (My IGN is just "Ryouhi" as well)
You have identified very well the people that write here.
My ig name is Veeko as well, if anyone wants to add me. I don’t really play as much as I used to, though.
In game ID is Prof. Rokferbranes if anyone is interested. I’m active almost every day so expect some gifts on your way.