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Let's Be Friends!

My username is:upload_2020-2-6_17-17-10.png a joke name to avoid to many friend requests [like ''Psych'']. Always on the game; have been for years, and if am off longer then 2 weeks just boot . Name will change in the future. Send out gifts everyday (try) - it's what I have rather then miss a day. I main Cerebella, Parasoul, and Valentine. Am a old dude, but feel free to add as am not fussed as long as you get good.

Or already are good too.

P.s friend list is full now but you can try or ask sure someone will need a boot

but man so far be a case if your lucky. few more weeks I'll update my name too I blame Sharpie for giving me that name (she did something, I said it, then friends came out on SGM, no biggy though) lol
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Ign is Sheriff Nick. Always looking for more friends to swap gifts with
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My username is the same as my account
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Well, now that the "Sent/Claimed" gift ratios are easily traceable through Social Hub, I see that my friends all got 5-6 Gold gifts from me. My intention from the beginning was to make a list, keep track and send everyone equal amount of Golds (and it worked just fine). However, I now see that some people were incredibly nice to me (thank you, folks!) and sent me a lot more Gold gifts than they received from me...

Now that I've got my Inner Pieces (actually, even two), I would like to ask not to prioritize me when choosing friends to send Gold gifts to - I'm fine with pink ones.

I am going to continue my way of sending equal amounts of Golds to everyone since I do not like favoring anyone above others, so please excuse me if you feel that I don't reciprocate your generosity - you can be sure that I would not intentionally deprive you of your share of Golds!

Except I'm not good at sending back gifts equally, my friends are a witness of this ;w;
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I’ve got a couple slots open. I don’t always post regularly but I lurk a couple times a week. In game is buckoducko.
HEEEY!, I´m super popular in this kind of things, but if you want to try your luck in my super explusive VIP list... wait!! Where are you going?! You haven´t written my name!! Is "Erick Draves"! Haaave aaa niceeeee daaaaaay...!
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Whelp, now there's a friends function in the game! I think I might try and make a list of forum people here who might want to be friends in game.

Here's a list of people so far, organized in alphabetical order by forum user name.

Forum User Name +++ In Game User Name

BallotBoxer +++ Saikyo Mantis
cappatacus +++ cappatacus
Dark_Knight +++ Dark_Knight
Disasterrr19 +++ Disasterrr19
Edi +++ Edialex
fanghoul +++ fanghoul
FriendlyWolf +++ Wolf
Hall☆weenQueen +++ Hall☆weenQueen
Irghen +++ Irghen
jamar +++ JVMVRVR
Lililira +++ Lililira
Lunix Vandal +++ LunixVandal
Man In Ham +++ Man Ln Ham
Pit Frango +++ Pit Frango
Prof. Rokferbranes +++ Prof. Rokferbranes
Ryouhi +++ Ryouhi
Reshiram18 +++ Reshiram18
TasiaChaan +++ TasiaChaan
TonyPartridge30 +++ TonyPartridge30
Tyler. the Yandere +++ Tyler. the Yandere
Veeko +++ Veeko
ZeoW +++ ZeoW

Who else is part of the Forum Crew?
Heya ,my ingame name is foussi.
I am pretty active, feel free to add me.
My in game name is rexturtle1120, I shouldn’t be too hard to miss because I’ve got a Diamond Sketchy Peacock. The best Peacock of all time! (At least to me)... I’m usually pretty active, I usually play really hardcore one day, then just check in the next. I try to keep consist with gift giving, if you’ve given me gold gifts and I haven’t given any back, I will notice and will work to repay you. I’m sometimes on channel 0, with a tip or two, but I like to float around the chat rooms. If you wanna be friends I’m all for it! Though my friend list is at 42/50 and it says I’m full (I’m deleting some people today) at the moment, does anyone else have this problem?
Who else is part of the Forum Crew?

Aloha lovely people,

I'm not relatively new or even a veteran player. It has been almost 8 months of dedication. I'm always active on daily basis before and after my working hour. You will see me most of the time on Channel 1. I love to travel the world. Come to say hi and have a convos with me ;)

My username in the game is .KUDA , different from here. Otherwise they gonna change me into @MediciGoon_0111 again ^^
I suppose I should add more friends before considering removing some of the more inactive ones. Haven't even filled up my list to half. XD
I go by TheVocalotaku. I gift everyday as long as I have gifts to give. :p

Friend me if you like.
I am looking for more friends to give away some of my gift tokens... send me an invite shameless_0311 on mobile
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Hello everyone I’m new to the chat but I’ve been playing skull girls for awhile and I’m More less looking for friends to give and receive gifts from I’m active daily and game ID is the same as my profile here Alexis_Alchemy

I'm a level 44 daily player. My user is CapricornLaw.

Add me if you need to fill your friends list.

New to the forums but been playing the game for a while.

Username is A SUPAHSTAR WARRIAH, and while I don't play every day I play pretty often, so add me as a friend if you want
I am in desperate need for a larger Friend list.

Username is same as forum name, capitals included.

You will get presents daily, I garuntee.