• [2018/06/22]
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  1. ZeoW

    Fights Disabling the White Flash

    Hi there, I'm really loving this game so far and have thoroughly enjoyed it. But there's a very minor thing that's bugging me which is the bright white flash that appears when you kill a character. I don't have epilepsy but it's starting to hurt my eyes. Maybe some other people can also relate...
  2. P

    Other Should a "reforge" system be added?

    So like the name suggests, this allows you to customize your skills to make the most out of your team. For example, you have a Napalm Shot that gives Crit Resist, Element Resist, etc. And a bunch of other gold special moves that give random weak bonuses as well. And you want it to give offensive...
  3. Hall☆weenQueen

    Story Please make story playthrough like Encore

    I understand to do this will probably be a massive project, but wouldn't the story be way more amazing if it was partially video and animation like how it is in Encore? I truly hope the developers will consider this because it really brought the game home and was the best part (in my opinion)...
  4. Paper

    Characters Please Read! I've got some suggestions and a possible request.

    Please give me a chance. Guide to my post: 1. Hello 2. Fighting improvement recommendation 3. Multiplayer reccomendation 4. Other stuff? 5. Request 6. Goodbye ______________________[1]_______________________ This game has always had a special place in my heart since i first played it about a...
  5. Wulfden

    Other Is there any way to record playback for gameplay as of now?

    Exactly what it says on the tin, and if so what can we use? I've seen Moisterrific and others who are able to record video playback flawlessly, but I'm not sure myself what can work in order to capture bugs and other addendum for quality of life. While it would be nice to capture fights when...
  6. Wulfden

    Bug - Normal Leveling up sometimes reset the character's level to 1

    Good evening, everyone, I was playing the game on Beowulf's prize fight on the gold challenge and was training my Hype Man and Number One Beo's to about level 5, when, out of nowhere after a fight, though they leveled up, the two had their levels reset to 1 all over again. I tried exiting the...