• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Ermes Costello

    Other Option of choosing which gift you want to send to your friend

    I don't know when gifts were released in game, but I'm pretty sure it was enough time to give us an option of choosing which type of gift you want to send to your friend. I totally respect your work dear devs, you gave us the best fighting mobile game, but anyway I don't think it's too hard to...
  2. TChallaMama

    Collection The Option To Gift Fighters To Friends

    Basically, if a friend wants a certain fighter you have, you can give them the fighter, with all of the data reset with all of the moves equipped removed, so you can use them on other fighters. All in all, you can give fighters that you don't want to have to them, if they want the fighter, and...
  3. Xurreal

    Characters Character Fighter Card Energy display

    Hi everyone. I was Skull-king around and I realized that Prize Fight Energy and regular old Energy like to use the Substitute move at random if we are swapping back and forth between Fight types. Would it be possible to display both types of fighter energy reserves in the collection screen...