• [2018/06/22]
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  1. Art3mes

    Questions about some SAs and Debuffs

    Taking the example of Fly Trap; 1. How, exactly, does her 1st SA works? If I have killed two of my opponents, in a 3vs3, I am having a 50% bonus damage. Now, if the last opponent somehow revives the other two dead, then, will my damage be decreased to initial or not? 2. How do the Hex...
  2. M

    Hex Debuff

    Know I have played skullgirls mobile for a long time and I still haven't found a character that uses the Debuff "hex". I see it on the skullgirls modifiers list and it seems very useful but I idk if I just haven't gotten a fighter who can put the Debuff on people or what. Anybody have a...
  3. M

    Characters Red Velvet Eliza/Hex

    Hex in itself is a good status effect to be able to deal, but for it to be Red Velvets only SA is a bit poor. It basically means when Red Velvet deals hex neither her or the opponent has a signature ability; i.e. levels the playing field. SA’s are supposed to give you an advantage. Suggest that...