• [2018/06/22]
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  1. C

    Character trading

    I believe some kind of trade should be in game. In my opinion it should be something that “pay to play” players can’t take advantage of but still achievable to “free to play” players. In order to achieve this feature this would be my idea... 1. players must reach lvl 30 (only achieved after...
  2. Dark dizzy

    Annie custom variant

    Reference: Zero megaman x
  3. RamnaFS

    Fights Training System

    Okay, this is my first post in the forum, sorry if I make any mistake. Let's begin. In order to REALLY train and practice with our fighters, I suggest that Training Mode allow us to change some settings in the battle, I've tough about those ones: • Enemies Element. • Damage log (Like maximum...
  4. Animus66

    Collection Chibi Garden

    Think it might be a bad smell on mobile games but browsing on Twitter I see some guys throw up a lot of chibi's of Skullgirls, I cannot resist a cute Painwheel or Double like the ones this guy does https://twitter.com/Amphibian218/status/1214878295612743681 Thinking like a in the lines of Sonic...