• [2018/06/22]
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inferno of leviathan

  1. L

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan vanishes too soon

    If it doesn’t hit on the first come back, Inferno of Leviathan simply disappears. I know you guys wanted to fix a bug that made the move stay on the background, looping until the match ends but it seems like you put a worse one in the game (unless this was an intentional, cruel nerf on Squigly...
  2. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal Inferno of Leviathan bug

    Noticed an issue where I launched an Inferno of Lev during the final fight of the master level Filia event. I launched it against the Windswept fighter, and I guess her SA proced and she evaded one of the hits. This seemed to result in the ball remaining on the screen as a harmless thing. It...