• [2018/06/22]
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  1. bilinos

    Collection I think there should be a diamond PF

    Since getting diamond keys and diamond sharda is really hard, I think that a diamond pf would be a great solution to this! The ranking rewards could be gold and dia keys and diamond shards for 10% and 1-10. Milestone rewards could include canopy coins, theonite and skull points. Another...
  2. Patey_p

    Need help :P

    Its just me wrong about the game or theres a bug?i was leveling up my silver character to gold and now the skill tree keys are still using the silver keys instead of gold keys?i don't encounter this problem last time.
  3. AwsomeTheMyth

    Other How about Key Conversions?

    Sigh, don't love it when you open your vault and look at how many non diamond keys piling up? And while yes it takes months to get a diamond key its still painful to watch your vault piling up with all these later to be useless keys. What if: We had a way to use them? That's where Key...
  4. Lulero

    Other Rifts rewards

    Hi, a simple feedback that took me long enough to narrow. Some facts first, if you want Diamond Keys: Get ranked top 200 in rifts for 1 per week, top 50 for 2. 10% per week from accursed experiment 1m canopies/1.250k rift coins for 1, i.e. $30 for 3 at best rate Spending money certainly can...
  5. Shawesome

    Resolved No Keys From Previous Accursed Experiments

    Alright, I’m posting this in hopes no one can have the same problem occur. Last week, I played through the event, and when I both 1) completed the treasure node and 2) 100%’d the event, I got no keys. Then, today, I got the three bronze keys from the node, and the bronze, silver, and gold key...
  6. TonyPartridge30

    Bug - Normal No key bundle from Accursed Experiments treasure node

    I was playing Accursed Experiments today and beat the treasure node. I got some gold and a silver move as the reward; no keys (not the 3 bronze, 2 silver, or 1 gold key prizes that are possible from the node). I then checked the rewards for 100% completion and saw that no keys were listed in...
  7. Takio

    Characters Leveling for Max-Level Characters( & maybe fixing the key problem)

    Disclaimer: This isn't about making them stronger than technically possible. The maximum fighter score won't be changed. Recently I've gotten to the point were I've got a couple of max level characters in Bronze and Silver, and while they're good for Prize Fights, it always seems like a waste...
  8. S

    Collection Trading characters for keys?

    Ive got 23 bronze characters but no way to advance them as Im all out of keys. Most of these are duplicates of the same exact character and type as well. It would make a lot of sense if we could trade characters in for keys to help reduce the fat in our collections as it were. We trade 3...
  9. Jimbob

    Evolving Fighters: I have an idea but I'm unsure if it's practical...

    Okay so, I have this thing with fighting games: I'm a sucker for original skins Something about alt. colours just bugs me and I've never really liked them. So I was thinking of getting one of every character's original colours to gold teir. I thought what's the problem? Bronze characters are...
  10. M

    should purchasing keys be a thing?

    (i searched this before posting, forgive me if it was already talked about, i simply didnt use the right words if so) ive noticed that it normally takes prize fights or completing certain portions of the story mode to get keys for the skill tree unlocking. i dont think this is a bad system...