• [2018/06/22]
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level up

  1. Sugar_Danny_13

    Bug - Normal Bug de Subir de nivel a personajes

    Hola a todos espero que estén teniendo un gran día Encontré este error hace unos días, así que les pregunté a mis amigos si tenían el mismo problema y me dijeron que no y que era extraño. Entonces, el problema con este error es cuando subo de nivel a mis variantes, a veces no funciona y no los...
  2. TonyPartridge30

    Player level-up rewards after LV 60

    So I reached player level 65 today and got an incredible surprise. I'm wondering if each remaining level until 70 has similar guaranteed rewards, or whether it's just a chance to get those kind of rewards. Right now I'm certainly looking forward to LV 66 to see what I get, but I'm also...
  3. PycoBeg

    Bug - Normal Another character selection for evolving

    Not sure that information for user's device is needed for this... it seems a little bug in game engine, but anyway. Device: Lenovo Vibe X3 (X3a40), Android v6.0.1 Situation is... When user increase character's level to max (i found this problem on silver chars, so to "40") the game alerts about...
  4. S

    Best way to max out a fighter?

    Backstory- From playing Skullgirls for a few months, I have gotten a lot of different characters at many different ranges of strength (if that makes sense). To elaborate, I've always wondered if there was a proper way to max out a fighter, whether it be the fastest way or the most efficient long...
  5. S

    Bug - Normal Leveling a fighter up through Power Up doesn’t replenish their energy

    iPhone 7, iOS 11.2.6 I apologize if everything is working as intended, just seemed counterintuitive enough to be considered a bug. Steps to reproduce: Have a fighter with spent energy Sacrifice enough fighters through Power Up to level this fighter (amount of levels gained doesn’t matter)...
  6. Takio

    Characters Leveling for Max-Level Characters( & maybe fixing the key problem)

    Disclaimer: This isn't about making them stronger than technically possible. The maximum fighter score won't be changed. Recently I've gotten to the point were I've got a couple of max level characters in Bronze and Silver, and while they're good for Prize Fights, it always seems like a waste...
  7. Blastze

    Bug - Normal Level up Glitch

    I've been encountering a level up glitch while playing in all game modes, whether it be Prize Fights, Daily Events or Story Mode. If any character receives sufficient experience to level up more than once in one fight. (Ex. Level 1 fighter goes up to level 7 in one match). The game will not...
  8. A

    Bug - Normal Power up gives no refilled energy on level up.

    Bug: Levelling character up in "Power Up" screen gives no refilled energy bar. Edit: refilled energy is actually there but is not shown until after you fight. Error for not enough energy still pops up if you don't have minimum for that fight not including what should have been refilled...