• [2018/06/22]
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login provider

  1. S

    Bug - Normal Login through Facebook broken

    My account keeps getting an error screen when attempting to login through facebook. I have tried deleting the app off my phone and redownloading it but i am still getting the issue. It says you are aware of the issue, if so when is estimated fix?
  2. D

    Bug - Normal Cannot login using Google account (error Google.9004)

    I have my game linked to a Google account and when I tried to login, it says "Something went wrong while contacting your login provider. Please try again! Error Code: Google.9004" I tried using vpn but it didnt work. Also this issue has been around for a while. Im using android. ps I hate...
  3. M

    Login Problems

    Hello I've recently deleted the email that was linked to my skullgirls account and wanted to know if I could get my account back from the Facebook account I linked it with. When I tried to go back on the game it just keeps showing the tutorial. So can anyone help me with this?
  4. D

    Bug - Normal Error -62080// Help??

    I had been getting this error before the update and now i still do. I used to use LINE to login but now with my new phone its impossible to reach my saves (New phone is Lenovo K6 Note). It says "Something went wrong while contactlng your login provider. Please try again ! [Error -62080]" The...