• [2018/06/22]
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Bug - Normal Error -62080// Help??


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May 9, 2017
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I had been getting this error before the update and now i still do.

I used to use LINE to login but now with my new phone its impossible to reach my saves (New phone is Lenovo K6 Note).

It says "Something went wrong while contactlng your login provider. Please try again ! [Error -62080]"

The game is available in my region and i downloaded it from Play Store. (I live in Turkey if that helps)

Thank you in advance...
@Dot--PNG I believe you'll get that error if the traffic is being filtered (by a firewall, for example). Do other login methods work, or are you getting the same error for every method?
I have been getting the message except for the guest login. But I'm not sure what would cause the said filter :/
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I also can't log in using my Google account since the update :(
UPDATE: I'm not sure what made a difference but Now i can login with any but Line
Not Really An Update: I am literally in a different city so it isnt about our wifi.
Anything but Line works. I still don't know what might be causing this.
Starting over isnt really an option since i had 3 golds and a para i had grown fond of.
Please help

(I hope im not bothersome i just really like the game)
@Dot--PNG LINE traffic could have started being filtered in Turkey recently. I can't find anything concrete about it. If there are any other users based in Turkey that can weigh in, that'd be great.

Users based in China, for example, will receive the same login error when trying to use either Facebook or Google (both of which are banned/filtered in China). Do you have access to a VPN that you can try? You can also use the in-game Help button and provide your LINE username and customer service can investigate. If the traffic is indeed banned/being filtered, perhaps they can migrate your data to a different login option.
As far as i'm concerned,there isn't any ban or whatever going on with Line.

Thank you so much for your help