• [2018/06/22]
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  1. P

    Other Could we please uncensor the game?

    The excuse given was 2013 was a different time... they'll say the same about 2023. Who does it help? what harm does the censorship stop? nothing. i dare say the censorship harms bipoc, women and gives hate groups more power. Turns out it really did get out of hand. there is nothing good...
  2. C

    Bug - Normal Every time I try to log in, this appears

    I try to log in with my HUAWEI ID (which is where I had saved my progress) and I get that they can't find the user. The same thing happens when I try to log in with Facebook. Could someone help me? Last night I played without problems, so I don't understand what's going on.
  3. I

    Bug - Normal Missing accolades rewards

    Account was made before accolades existed and so I am not getting the rewards for the story, training, etc. My user ID is: 4aq6-cxqa
  4. M

    Bug - Normal Relic bug

    Ingame username: MxtrWasTaken Ingame id: 39k5-b664z Phone: Huawei Y7 2019 Hello, I will tell you how I stumbled into this glitch while trying to buy a Premiere relic (11 characters), I was in the relic store and I had an thought "Hm.. I need to buy 11 relics so i could buy them and then when I...
  5. R

    Help logging in

    I can't login to the game after years of bot playing, I have emails for my account but those aren't working, I remember using Line to resolve a similar issue years ago but can't remember that either, am I screwed?
  6. D

    Happy New Year to everyone! I need help with a problem (bug).

    Hello everyone, I am writing to try to contact technical support. I have submitted a ticket and reported a bug, but I have not received a response in over a week. My forum message is also waiting for approval. The problem is that I paid 5000 crystals to buy the hiperpack 50% (187 relics) and the...
  7. S


    so I just got a Diamond Peacock, but I already have a shiny silver peacock that I’m almost done getting to Gold, and I almost have enough golds to get it to Diamond. Do I use the Diamond peacock or wait for the shiny one
  8. zxsuuuhuu

    help me decide

    Аfter receiving 11 days of gifts, the game jumped out and wrote "error code: 500". after reinstalling the game, google login fails and pops up "error code: 0". What to do, help.
  9. MoriMorii

    Bug - Normal My account logged me out and I can't get back in..

    My phone had died during a game, so I let my phone charge, and I saw that it kicked me out my account. I tried to get back in, but I keep getting an error message. This is such a shame because I've had this account for so long.
  10. CyberLynx

    Bug - Crash Account login problem!

    Hello, I have a problem logging into my account. How can I fix this?
  11. K

    6/10 gold persons, but...

  12. R

    Other Не выдали подарки(

    Недавно закончилось событие "Медичи выбивают деньги", и пришло письмо на почту с подарками. Написано что для получения награды нужен ранг как минимум 100, а у меня ранг 30100, и награду не выдали...
  13. L

    Diamond keys in cabinet of curiosities (manipulation)

    Hi so I’ve been playing the game for a couple years on and off but have recently gotten back into the game and I am really on the grind trying to get my diamonds maxed. I have spent quite a bit of money on the game over the years and I feel like I have noticed something and wanted to see if...
  14. Della_frost

    How to get experience for characters in general?

    hello, I've been playing for a long time and I'm stuck, I have all kinds of gold, silver diamond and tons of bronze characters, but I can't level them up, and I only have one with a maximum of 2900, if someone suggests a way to level without being the olomesa or playing prize games I would...
  15. D

    Is the Skullgirls Helpdesk still operating?

    Yeah that's basically my question is. If you didnt know, Skullgirls have a helpdesk website hvs(dot)freshdesk(dot)com I made a ticket but there's no response. Has anyone made a ticket and got responded recently? Or is it already not operating?
  16. P


    I have a problem with the game login. I had a Huawei without google services, there I downloaded the SKMobile and registered with my phone number (because Huawei gave me that option), then I did it with my email. A couple of days ago I sold that phone and now I have a OnePlus6 and I want to...
  17. Hashdilla

    110k team defeated by a team at 9.8k. Cheater?

    In the Halloween PF I was just defeated by a team that was 9.8k. No opponent was above 5k. I was running a 110k, with Lvl 60 SG with 11/11 Final Stand Marquee, Lvl 60 Neuro with 3/11 Tainted, Lvl 60 Freaky Friday with 11/11 Tainted. After looking at the screenshot you can obviously see there's...
  18. Ruhzel2

    Bug - Normal I can't see my user id

    I can't seem to see my user ID I have tried to make my screen smaller but it's doesn't seem to work my phone's is the Huawei p20
  19. Elpatoxd

    Me inhabilitaron la cuenta injustamente

    Hola quería pedir ayuda ya que me inhabilitaron la cuenta que tenía desde hace un mes aprox. Y no se por qué motivo ya que nunca hice trampa ni nada por el estilo ni siquiera eh usado hacks siempre jugué limpiamente y de un día para el otro me la inhabilitaron justo ayer a la tarde quise entrar...