• [2018/06/22]
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  1. R

    Help logging in

    I can't login to the game after years of bot playing, I have emails for my account but those aren't working, I remember using Line to resolve a similar issue years ago but can't remember that either, am I screwed?
  2. J

    Bug - Normal can't login.error code 1 or 0

    hello! i have a problem with logging into my facebook account. i constantly get am error code 1 or error code 0. i've tried reinstalling it and tried using different wifis. what should i do? nothing is working.
  3. T

    Bug - Crash Recover my account please 🙏

    Pls resolve my problem , i try to log in with my iphone and my gmail and my facebook and this is the message i had (attached files ) Pls save my progression im on level 70 pls dnt ignore my post 4089011247814360 my user id on facebook pls recover my account I try to remove the game and...
  4. D

    Bug - Normal Cannot login using Google account (error Google.9004)

    I have my game linked to a Google account and when I tried to login, it says "Something went wrong while contacting your login provider. Please try again! Error Code: Google.9004" I tried using vpn but it didnt work. Also this issue has been around for a while. Im using android. ps I hate...
  5. G

    Other Daily Login Rewards, Medici PF two suggestions

    Hello lovely people, today I'm coming at you with two suggestions I'd like to hear a public opinion about. First for the daily rewards, I like the revamp that they've given to the daily login rewards, I also like that it's only 24 rewards so that it's easy for even casual players to get all the...
  6. M

    Login Problems

    Hello I've recently deleted the email that was linked to my skullgirls account and wanted to know if I could get my account back from the Facebook account I linked it with. When I tried to go back on the game it just keeps showing the tutorial. So can anyone help me with this?
  7. XenoQueen

    Bug - Normal Can't register

    Hello everyone. My boyfriend can't register new account. It said that his email is been used but it's not. It's the first time he's playing, I'm sure. Someone knows anything about it and how to fix it? Thanks!
  8. V

    Resolved I’m not getting the Daily Rewards

    Hi, I didn’t knew where else to post this but I’m not getting the Daily Login Rewards since April 22, I open my game normally and the New Daily Missions sre always there but the Login Rewards are not. I did not get any error code or screenshot or anything as my game runs perfectly but that’s the...
  9. bestsuperblox65

    Bug - Normal Error: -1

    Can't connect/login, keep getting error -1 I have a solid connection. On a S7 Edge Edit: Already fixed, sorry for the inconvenience
  10. T

    Lost everything

    Hey, this thread is just something I wanna ask anybody official or who has a good knowledge of the game. Earlier this year, I downloaded Skullgirls, and had a bunch of stuff, like graveyard valentine and junk like that, I even linked my line account and facebook to the game too. I uninstalled...
  11. S

    Resolved Error Code 5309 on login

    A little background: I’m from Russia and our government recently went on an immense ban streak, banning a couple MILLION IPs belonging to Amazon and Google. The issue is immediately resolved when using a VPN, so I assume this is related to the IP bans. I also can’t get onto the forum as long as...
  12. O

    Bug - Normal Lost All Data After Force Close and Restart

    Hi all, Been playing Skullgirls Mobile for a few weeks, and was really enjoying the game. Occasionally, the game freezes after finishing a fight (ex. on the rewards screen) or on the story/event node screen (i.e. I can pan the map and use the home button, etc., but selecting nodes doesn't do...
  13. Wulfden

    Collection We should have a cumulative bonus too!

    Just what the topic says, I know peeps had their grievances about missing the Silver Lining Relic ( I know I have after missing one day!) I was thinking instead of having the login bonuses reset every month and thereby stoping us from getting certain rewards, we should do away with the reset...
  14. D

    Bug - Normal Error -62080// Help??

    I had been getting this error before the update and now i still do. I used to use LINE to login but now with my new phone its impossible to reach my saves (New phone is Lenovo K6 Note). It says "Something went wrong while contactlng your login provider. Please try again ! [Error -62080]" The...