• [2018/06/22]
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Daily login rewards for 31 days instead of 24?(With dropping reward quality after the 24th day)

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Aug 26, 2019
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Hello lovely people,

today I'm coming at you with two suggestions I'd like to hear a public opinion about.
First for the daily rewards, I like the revamp that they've given to the daily login rewards, I also like that it's only 24 rewards so that it's easy for even casual players to get all the rewards each month. However I would propose that there are additional rewards after the 24th reward, but that the reward quality peaks at the 24th day. This way you can keep the casual player friendly login rewards but also reward the "hardcore" players that log in every single day. Because I have to say it feels a bit odd to log in after the 24th day of the month and get nothing for like 6-7 days. So I propose like a canopy coin reward or anything for that matter. It doesn't have to be much, just a little consideration for the players that log in every single day.
TL;DR: Login rewards for 31 days instead of 24 but with peak reward quality on the 24th day.

That's it for the first suggestion, let me hear your thoughts on this one please!

Moving on to the second suggestion.
Medici PFs: right now there are two types of players, the ones that rush 1m in like 15 Minutes to get the Milestones and the others who fight for top 1-100 with scores upwards of 27m. My Suggestion would be to bring those two groups together by adding more event rewards. Maybe give 250k coins to the top 1-100, give 150k coins to the top 10%, 100k to the top 11-30% and so on. This would up the participation in Medici PFs and thus alleviate the pressure on other pfs(the ones running at the same time) a little bit.
TL;DR: More event rewards for Medici PFs so that not only the top 100 Players are rewarded at the end.

I would also love to hear all your thoughts on this suggestion of mine.

Best regards
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