• [2018/06/22]
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  1. MAjOmneQ

    Currency Optimization Guidance ?

    From my understanding so far : Canopy Coins GAIN > Prize Fights > Sunday Event ! Medici Heist SPEND > Cabinet of Curiosities ! Relics & Keys Experience Points GAIN > Carry under-leveled Fighters w/ your most powerful Fighters wherever possible > Prize Fights > Story SPEND > Bronze ? Bad Hair...
  2. Mornedil

    [Guide] How to get the best value for your theonite

    Ever since I started playing this game over a year ago, I've been seeing people ask from time to time in the chat: "What should I spend my theonite on?" And a lot of people, including veteran players, will tell you that the best thing to spend your theonite on is the 10+1 premiere relic pack...
  3. G

    Other Daily Login Rewards, Medici PF two suggestions

    Hello lovely people, today I'm coming at you with two suggestions I'd like to hear a public opinion about. First for the daily rewards, I like the revamp that they've given to the daily login rewards, I also like that it's only 24 rewards so that it's easy for even casual players to get all the...