• [2018/06/22]
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  1. S

    Other What needs help ?

    Hi consider me a voice of the in game chat people . I have a lot of suggestions to add so I won’t waste your time. how come players like me and you vie for fighters as the best part of this game and after we finally are rewarded with golds and diamonds were bombarded with having to re run...
  2. G

    Other Daily Login Rewards, Medici PF two suggestions

    Hello lovely people, today I'm coming at you with two suggestions I'd like to hear a public opinion about. First for the daily rewards, I like the revamp that they've given to the daily login rewards, I also like that it's only 24 rewards so that it's easy for even casual players to get all the...
  3. TonyPartridge30

    Fights Ideas for new Missions

    So the daily theonite Missions are really appreciated. I'm glad there is a way to (albeit slowly) accumulate theonite without spending real $$. But by now we have seen every Mission type several times over. Win a fight with "x" character, win "x" fights in "y" mode, and so on. They've become...
  4. Museamongmen

    Long Shot calculation

    When you get a daily saying win a fight vs a team 4x your team score. What percent of long shot would that be more or less? I can't really see anyway of doing it other than during the prize fight. Especially if you complete the story mode.
  5. fatfursatan

    Other Daily Events for Gaining Experience & Gold

    The loading screen tips recommend using Prize Fight to grind. However, as the difficulty steadily increases, it's actually a TERRIBLE place to grind up low-level fighters. Many mobile games have once-a-day/high-energy daily events for gaining experience through drops of unusable/bad characters...