• [2018/06/22]
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lost data

  1. F

    Resolved purchase bug

    i spent 1000 rift coins on the diamond key in cabinet of curiosities,and i dont receive the key It happened about 15 minutes ago before I submitted this form. yestday i lost my diamond peacock fight prize,and now i lost two diamond keys in total because of the terrible server!
  2. F

    Resolved reward lost bug

    yestoday the game have experienced three times of maintenance,i login the game and receive the mail about diamond peacock prize figjt rewards,and then the game start second maintenance immediately,and now i login the game ,i find i didnt get any reward especially the diamond key and the...
  3. T

    Bug - Crash Recover my account please 🙏

    Pls resolve my problem , i try to log in with my iphone and my gmail and my facebook and this is the message i had (attached files ) Pls save my progression im on level 70 pls dnt ignore my post 4089011247814360 my user id on facebook pls recover my account I try to remove the game and...
  4. LlamaTrauma7

    Collection Lost upgrades after server maintenance

    I seem to have lost several days of upgrades after the server maintenance. Had a gold (evolved) No Egrets parasol who was close to maxed out on upgrades, and upon going back through character list to re-apply moves, noticed I’d lost most of the last tier upgrades I’d purchased, as well as the...
  5. O

    Bug - Normal Lost All Data After Force Close and Restart

    Hi all, Been playing Skullgirls Mobile for a few weeks, and was really enjoying the game. Occasionally, the game freezes after finishing a fight (ex. on the rewards screen) or on the story/event node screen (i.e. I can pan the map and use the home button, etc., but selecting nodes doesn't do...