• [2018/06/22]
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marquee ability

  1. Mirak

    Best MA for Eliza?

    I have both Diva intervention and Bloodbath, both maxed out, only need to unlock their MAs. Which one do you have for your Eliza and why? What's confusing me is that both Elizas have a way of regaining health, BB through regen and DI through Sekhmet. I use both for rifts, and planning to use...
  2. P4CTR4N

    Bug - Normal Robo-Fortune Marquee Ability Ping Check is useless

    I thought that when you say "Far Way" you mean not too much meters away from the opponent, i tried for my self making fast combos and then shot with the Lasers while far away to stop they get close, but anything works, the enemies get up too fast for 3 seconds, only in training i could activate...
  3. AwsomeTheMyth

    Recommended Marquee for Variants list (Part 2)

    Double: Marquee Ability: ENTROPY Speak of the devil, Double is all about randomness and sheer luck, ranging from patiently waiting to recieve buffs on her own to inflict crazy debuffs on her adversaries as long as she's at Elemental Advantage, talk about a secret servant of RNG. CHAOS: When at...
  4. V

    Is it worth max out two or more different fighters of the same character at the same time?

    To Unlock and Max out the skill three of a Gold Fighter you need A LOT OF RESOURCES: Only To max out The Skill Three you need 1.125 skill points and 2.435.000 canopy coins. Only To Unlock and max out ONE marquee ability you need 2.750 skill points and 250.000 canopy coins. Only To Unlock and...
  5. V

    Which marquee ability is better for Double?

    CHAOS: When at an ELEMENTAL ADVANTAGE, inflict a random DEBUFF for 10/20 seconds when landing a CRITICAL HIT VS VOLATILITY: Every 30/20 seconds gain a random BUFF for 10 seconds
  6. Fecge

    Bug - Normal Valentine - Trauma Center Bug

    Device Make and Model: Galaxy Tab A with S Pen SM-P580 Operating System: Android 7.0 Game Version: 2.5.2 The bug is that Valentine marquee ability Trauma Center states that it only works when she is alive but I have seen it activate multiple times when shes already dead. The screenshots are...
  7. S

    Characters PW’s marquee is incredibly underwhelming

    “Oh yeah, this baby should take critical hits like no other” is probably the last thing I would say about Painwheel. Can you change it to anything else? I’d even swap it with Filia’s Bloodletting marquee, because Filia has considerably better survivability, and it even works perfectly with Dread...
  8. Gamma Ray

    Bug - Normal Valentine Combat Clinic - Trauma Center Activation Bug

    When using Valentine's Marquee Ability "Trauma Center" once you get the initial proc to lose 10% HP, you then get it on any hit that occurs when the duration ends. This applies to both AI and player, but here is a video showing the bug after I acquired the 10% loss in HP.