• [2018/06/22]
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ms. fortune

  1. klidevalentine

    Skin Idea

    Ok so think there should be another skin for parasoul. What about one that is inspired by Starfire? Ms. Fortune (Beast Boy) and Eliza (Raven) already have Teen Titan inspired skins, so I thought this would also be a good concept.
  2. C

    Should I evolve my Purrfect Dark or Bio-exorcist to Dia?

    I like both of them and I have enough essences to evolve either of them. I don't know which to evolve. On one hand, Purrfect Dark definitely needs ATK invesment, while bio-exorcist doesn't really. On the other hand, I use Bio-exorcist as a defensive variant in my rift base, plus I think she's...
  3. U

    Bug - Normal I can't use my furry fury ms fortune

    Please help me, my furry fury is my best fighter, but i cant pick her for a fight, the game keep telling me the server is error. She also cant be used for deployment too.
  4. Mornedil

    Tips on using Headless mode to pressure opponents

    I made a video a couple days ago and I was told I should post it on the forums, so here we are! [Ms. Fortune] How to use Headless mode to pressure opponents This is the method I use in almost every fight to keep putting pressure on my opponent without having to block, so Ms. Fortune can keep...
  5. ThunderChungus

    Ms. Fortune Follow up throw technique

    Hi im chuggy the chungus back with another technique. You may already know that Ms. Fortune is a very special fighter thanks to it's head, but you may not know that when you use a throw with her, you can follow up with a blockbuster or a combo of your own This is the sequence: Throw>Low Head...
  6. Am_Suitcase

    Suitcase's Fortune Tier list

    Ol Suity is back with another post lol. This time a Fortune tier list. CHARACTER ABILITY: Head Games Tap the HEAD GAMES button to enter HEADLESS MODE. Ms. Fortune's head can attack independent of her body. But be careful: Ms. Fortune will also suffer any additional damage inflicted to her head...
  7. Am_Suitcase

    Dealing with Ms. Fortune's Gold PF

    Whats that? Cerebella's PF is ending and shifting to Ms. Fortune's? Oh man get ready then. For this is my first guide! To summarize the Ms. Fortune Gold Prize Fight, it is one of the most hated prize fights of them all. For the reason of it's modifier. Where if a fighter takes out someone and...